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Meet Chanel’s Nerdiest Collection of Accessories Yet

If you think this miniature Chanel robot is cute, wait till you see the rest of the collection. Can't...compute...this...level...of...adorable...

With the recent release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the growing hype behind Star Wars: Episode VIII, Chanel’s “Data Center” collection seems more relevant than ever. The Chanel robots that opened the Spring/Summer 2017 had a Stormtrooper feel. The network of colourful wires that ran through the entire Grand Palais looked like a super-sized rendering of C-3PO’s wires. We aren’t expecting a Chanel and Star Wars crossover anytime soon, but if it ever happens, we now have a good idea of what it could look like, especially the accessories.

Nope, no word on whether those crazy chic Daft Punk-meets-Stormtrooper helmets are up for sale yet. You can, however, take home a miniature Chanel robot secretly masquerading as a embellished resin clutch. Anyone reminded of BMO from Adventure Time? There are bejewelled brooches as well, including one that looks to be a robotic cat. A robotic Choupette, perhaps? Taking the tech theme theme even further, Chanel cleverly swaps regular necklace chains for lanyards, each complete with the traditional lobster clasp. Try tapping into the office with one of these around your neck.

Don’t forget the bags! Leather clutches are made to look like keyboards. One Chanel Boy is covered in holographic jewels and hardware, while another is printed with stripes that give a slight Tron feel. The tweed pieces with their interconnecting streams of varying colours stand for themselves. I never realised how much Chanel’s tweed resembles a network of wire cables until now. I stand enlightened.

Chanel’s “Data Center” collection hits stores from mid-March onwards. Tell us – which of these from the Spring/Summer 2017 will you go for first?

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