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The Season’s Chanel Fantasy Takes Us All Into The Deep, Dark Woods

Are we out of the woods yet? Actually, if the woods had Chanel's new sinewy coats, giant logo earrings and seasoned gold boots, we'll totally be fine with not leaving.

In Stephen Sondheim’s iconic musical Into The Woods, the woods were a metaphor for life and the tests, trials and temptations that came with it. Is Chanel’s latest show set – a scene of logs, moss, old trees and a floor blanketed with fallen leaves – and theme a subtle nod to the trying times facing the world today? Or, is it a way of putting a fairy tale-like fantasy back into real life, no matter how fleeting? Or perhaps, it could just simply be a reminder for all, whether present at the show or not, to remember to stop and smell the fallen leaves and soak up the universal appeal of the great outdoors in the fall.

The clothes seemed to cross the three possibilities. There were black evening dresses of leaf-motif lace, bows, pearls and organza, complete with fingerless leather opera gloves, certainly mysterious and seductive, like a fairy godmother in a dark fairytale. Hoods, too, since we’re on the fantasy narrative. For the nature portion, sportswear inspired silhouettes in the peplum zip hoodies and puffer coat and jackets, including one that blended elements of Chanel’s signature four-pocket jacket.

Then, there were the long coats. So many, many beautiful coats, for the woman to guard herself against the elements. These came in wool, shearling and tweed fringed, frayed and cuffed, but the crowd favourites – according to Instagram Stories, at least – go to the two corduroy coats that opened the show, styled simply with white shirts, brogues and sparkly tights. That’s a look to repeat for fall.

Dreary was not the mood of the show, though, for a good number of looks carried an eighties attitude and the eighties, despite the terrible hair, was a decidedly fun, devil-may-care time. There were the fingerless leather gloves – very Madonna – and short tweed jackets with strong shoulders, along with leave-printed blazers with very wide black lapels, seasoned metallic leather pants and boots, and giant logo earrings and necklaces.

We could be totally off track, but if our research served us right, Chanel may have used this show to introduce a new signature bag after the Gabrielle from nearly two years ago. Appearing in various colour ways and even the leafy print of the season, the bag in question is one that goes from tote to clutch to sling in seconds. It’s name? 31, named after Chanel’s flagship at 31 rue Cambon in Paris. Fancy.

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