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At Chanel, Virginie Viard Brings Back the Days of Dressing up for a Night Out

Nights out painting the town red might be a distant memory at this point but at Chanel, Virginie Viard has us hankering after those nights again.

As the show began to play onscreen (as it does these days), Diana Ross’s voice filled the space. “Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showin’ you?” crooned the legendary songstress in the soundtrack as the models paraded down empty streets. Rendered in black and white film no less, it felt like a somber, existential start to the show. But quickly, the mood picked up as the show formally commenced on the season’s runway set inside Chez Castel, an iconic fixture in the Parisian nightclub scene.

“So, I decided to go to Castel. I like Castel so much for its many salons, the spiral staircase, its bar, the journey through this venue, its little house style, where the models can get changed, dressed and undressed, do their make-up together, and have fun like a girls night in,” explained Virginie Viard of her decision to take the show to a nightclub. The clothes fit right into the scene.

But taking into mind that it was a Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Viard’s vision for evening wear aptly borrowed from the sensibilities of winter sportswear. “This collection is a mix of two influences: the ambiance of ski holidays, which I adore, and a certain idea of cool Parisian chic, from the 1970s to now,” said Viard.

A long tweed jacket provided warmth that the leg barring hemline underneath lacked. Unzippable legs offered room for movement on the dancefloor while still practical for wear when the temperature dips. Worn with lace tops, quilted overalls were evening-appropriate. Also in the mix, furry booties that were so appropriate to shimmy the night away in just as they were to navigate through snowy terrain.

It’s an unexpected crossover that Viard has proved to be none too disparate after all. And to answer Ross’s earlier rhetoric, we’re packing up our bags for either a) a ski holiday or b) a night out in town. Both might have to wait but hey, at least we’d have our wardrobes ready.

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