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Chanel’s Hamburg Collection, As Told Through Two Favourite Looks

Peaked caps, drop-front trousers, knotted bows on regatta scarves and a night at the opera on the side, there's more to the collection than you think. In collaboration with Chanel.

The balance between masculinity and femininity is key to Chanel’s Metiers d’Art collection that first showed in Hamburg last December. If we were to go deeper, however, the true inspiration behind it all, from the sharp suits to the bold stripes to the peaked caps is the sailor. The ceaselessly chic, old-school sailor and his uniform.

While Gabrielle Chanel had quite the thing for the sailor suit and stripes, famously adopting them as her seaside look from the 1930s, it was really Queen Victoria who brought the sailor uniform into the everyday by dressing her own children in them. It then slowly spread across Europe, moving into the ranks of womenswear as seaside tourism grew in popularity.

It was still Mademoiselle Chanel, though, who in 1913 turned the sailor suit on its head, choosing to spin it in woollen jersey and silk jersey, and then dropping a lining altogether. She went on to striped jersey, then to the sailor drop-front trousers and the rest was history.

It is this journey of the sailor suit and all its accoutrements including the peacoat and stripes that form the backbone of Chanel’s Hamburg collection. The sailor uniform becomes a tweed skirt suit, complete with a knotted regatta scarf. Collars on the house’s signature jackets are widened and given a flap back. Peaked caps are covered in tulle with an embellished anchor or buoy brooch as the centre piece. The sailor’s drop-front trousers are reimagined as gold skirts and sequinned jumpsuits. The stripes become mini dresses covered in feathers.  What of the people back at the port? Or, the captain who seeks recreation after being months at sea? A night at the opera, perhaps? For this, a reimagined three-piece tuxedo, but with wide-leg drop front sailor pants and a peaked cap.

To round-up our three-part collaboration with Chanel and the Hamburg Metiers d’Art collection – see the previous parts here and here – we took two of our favourite looks, two very contrasting looks, might we add, to the everyday streets below. Set sail and away!

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