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One Chanel Watch, Many, Many Ways

The new J12.XS watch – a reimagining of the classic J12 – may be Chanel's coolest one yet. What do you think?

Chanel‘s got a thing for creating iconic accessories and jewellery. Lions, comets, camellias, the double C logo – the brand has proven that skill time and again all through its long history. Last week, I flew to Seoul to preview the all-new reimagining of another Chanel icon – the J12 watch. Sure, the new J12.XS – more on that name later – is surrounded with diamonds, but that isn’t even the coolest thing about it.

You see that beaded leather glove under the J12.XS? It’s not just there for styling purposes – the glove is actually part of the watch. A glove that comes with a watch. (Or is it a watch that comes with a glove?) There are also many cuff versions – Gabrielle Chanel herself loved cuffs – of the J12.XS in black and white, each one more rock ‘n’ roll than the other. For example, there’s one that comes with a minimal calfskin cuff, and another that looks like four cuffs stacked on top of one another. It then becomes so much more than just a watch – it becomes a bold statement styling piece.

If you prefer a little more sparkle and texture, there’s the J12.XS with cuffs covered entirely in hand embroidery by the couture embroiderers at Lesage. Of course, there’s the option of having more diamonds on your cuff, but the patterns formed by the glass beads and sequins in the Lesage cuffs are just so intricate and detailed, it kinda gives that extra “made with love” touch. My favourite piece? Hands down the J12.XS as a ring. All my childhood dreams of wearing a watch as a ring – I can’t be the only one! – have come true.

So, while the “XS” in the J12.XS is a reference to the small watch face – 19mm to be exact – it also refers to “excess”. Excessively feminine, excessively surprising, excessively unexpected…you get the picture. It is one watch with many, many faces. For a little glimpse into my Chanel adventure in Seoul, click through the gallery above. (If you want to see these pieces up-close, you’ll have to wait just a little bit as the collection drops at Chanel’s Fine Jewellery boutiques in September 2016. All good things come to those who wait…)

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