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A Closer Look: Chanel’s N°5 Collection of Fine Jewellery

What better way to mark a century of illustrious history than with an exquisite diamond-paved fine jewellery collection?

It’s a momentous time in history for Chanel No.5. This year, the fragrance celebrates 100 years since its conception in 1921. In the past century, Chanel No.5 has cemented its status as arguably the most iconic perfume to have ever been conceived. From the distinguishable design of its bottle down to the scent itself, Chanel No.5 is unlike anything else in the realm of perfumery. And if anything, its longevity stands proof of its timelessness.

Duly, the celebrations are underway and we’re not just talking popping champagne. To bookmark the event, Chanel’s Fine Jewellery Studio, has launched the N°5 collection. The exquisite diamond and white gold pieces, only fitting, to honour an icon as symbolic as Chanel No.5. Here’s everything you need to know about the fine jewellery collection before you take your pick.

#1 The N°5 Collection pays homage to the maison’s iconic perfume

In theory, the crafts of perfumery and jewellery-making are unlikely crossovers but such boundaries are arbitrary at the house of Chanel. After all, Gabrielle Chanel herself was a woman ahead of her time. While the late designer had many favourite things, her affinity for the number 5 was particularly noteworthy, so much so that over the years it has become a signature as identifiable as the maison itself. Aptly, a diamond-paved number 5 stands at the heart of every piece while the dangling diamonds around it subtly allude to drops of the iconic perfume. The number 5 was Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number, and now, the N°5 collection affords you a piece of that charm.

#2 The collection consists of four (not five) pieces

Having practicality in mind, the N°5 Collection outlines pragmatic pieces for day-to-day wear. Yet, these aren’t your rudimentary, run-of-the-mill, acquisitions. Impeccable designs paved with exquisite diamonds, the collection lends a touch of sparkle to brighten up the everyday. Two necklaces (presumably, one for the daytime and another for evening wear), a ring, and a pair of earrings – what else does a woman need, really?

#3 The pieces are designed to be worn in more ways than one

Mademoiselle Chanel was never one to abide by the rules. She made the rules. In the same vein, Chanel’s N°5 Collection stretches the boundaries of jewellery as we’ve known them. For instance, the collection’s earrings are designed with a detachable dangling part. Remove it and the piece transforms into an understated diamond ear stud. Leave them on and you’d have good ‘ol classic danglers you can’t go wrong with. That’s not all, the two necklaces in the collection too come with adjustable clasps. There’s plenty of room for adjusting the length according to what you’re wearing that day. Plus points for versatility!

#4 The allure of diamonds in Gabrielle Chanel’s own words

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” you’ve heard the famous adage. And they certainly were Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite stones. “I chose diamond because it represents, with its density, the highest value under the lowest volume.” Don’t settle for anything less, ladies.

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