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Get Ready For Your Essential Dose of Vitamin C-hanel

It was a splashing good time with Chanel, complete with beach ball bags and vinyl sandals to fuel your next summer wardrobe. Also, get ready for major logo envy.

From the little hints that come in the invite, to stepping into the marvellous venue and witnessing the spectacle come to life, the Chanel experience is always an unforgettable one. For this Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the venue and theme was nothing short of breathtaking. There was a sandy beach inside Grand Palais with actual lapping waves, complete with lifeguards perched atop tall white chairs. It lets guests forget about the cold and frigid Paris winds, transporting them into the perfect summer getaway.

The first question that pops into mind: however are these girls going to walk down the coastline? But, the models did albeit with a little classic Chanel magic. Barefoot, sandals in one hand or dangled off a bag strap. When they reached the end of the coast, they slipped on their shoes and walked up the boardwalk, where the most perfect vinyl logo sandals get their moment of fame.

From the raw-edged straw hats to beach ball bags, the collection was unmistakably summery. Each outfit also came served with a side logomania. Belts, hats and even shirts were adorned with “CHANEL” across, all guaranteed to garner long list of orders from Chanel’s faithful clientele.

Of course, there were swimsuits and this time, Karl Lagerfeld and the atelier looked to the eighties. High-waisted two pieces adorned with the Chanel logo, black and white geometric one-piece suits paired with low-rise jeans, oversized jackets and sarong wraps – this is Chanel’s way of telling you that you don’t need the beach to wear any of these fabulous swimsuits.

One thing that’s not going away? Bicycle shorts. Long or short, under skirts or dresses, it is a trend that will continue well into the next season. Double bagging is quite the star here too, coming in either a new double cross-body form or as a small bag paired with a big bag.

To finish off the show, all the girls came walked down hand in hand, jumping and dancing over the waves before disappearing behind a little hut. Even when staging something so spectacular and opulent , Chanel finds it within itself to keep things carefree and easy. How? Only through the magic of Chanel.

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