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Chanel’s Plastic Extravaganza Makes Us Want To Walk In The Rain

We mean that in the best way possible. If we do end up chasing waterfalls one day, Chanel's Spring/Summer '18 is exactly what we'd be wearing.

When the intensity of fashion month starts to hit and dreariness soaks into the bones like rain, one can always count on Chanel to make it all better. To remind us why we do all of this in the first place. A robot, a rocket blasting off to the moon, ancient Greecethe Eiffel Tower – Chanel continues to create the fantasy that we all crave, continuing its ever-winning streak with a recreation of the Gorges du Verdon this season, complete with working waterfalls, rivers and little ornate bridges. This is Chanel, after all.

It wasn’t just the waterworks that impressed. If there’s anyone we trust to turn plastic not something luxe, it’s Chanel. The moment Kaia Gerber strutted out of a cave clad in a transparent plastic rain hat and matching thigh-high boots with Chanel’s signature white satin toe cap, we knew we were in for a serious visual feast. Then, more plastic streamed out. Shorter variations of the boots with black toe caps, plastic gloves, plastic rain hoods, plastic capes worn over tweed skirt suits. Making plastic look expensive isn’t easy at all and Chanel has succeeded where many have failed.

Behind the waterfalls and gloss, the collection was filled to the brim with proper, good clothes. (Have you had enough of my water-related puns and references yet? No promises that there won’t be anymore from this point on.) Denim suits, patent coats, light-as-air ruffles, tweed cropped tops, waffled chiffon, oversized bags, double bags, earrings shaped like raindrops, metallic “nets” and evening dresses that resemble the tails of mermaids, all told through so much structure.

We wouldn’t recommend wearing tweed to walk through waterfalls and rain, but at least now when we have that fantasy, we know what we’d be wearing in it. And if you do intend to actually live out that fantasy in a near or distant future, Chanel’s collection of raincoats and rain boots will have your back. Well, if you move quick. Pretty sure those plastic boots will be flying off the racks faster than you can finish singing TLC’s “Waterfalls”.

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