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The Season’s Chloe Girl Is A Winning Combination of All The Right Things

Seventies, equestrian and a futuristic dose of the medieval – that's a thing – Natacha Ramsay-Levi's second runway collection is a certified win.

Is Natacha Ramsay-Levi singlehandedly bringing back matching arm cuffs, bell-bottoms and sharp plunging necklines? It certainly seems that way – and it is working. For her second go at creative director of Chloe, Ramsay-Levi looked to the seventies and all its bell-bottomed, print-heavy glory. Even the colour palette, a pleasing blend of browns, orange and red, seemed to shift things into a sepia-tinged-perspective. But, if you look closer, the collection exuded so much more.

Seventies, for sure. The slim-cut pants, riding boots, goat hair trims and patchwork western shirt dresses had equestrian sensibilities. There’s even that bohemian attitude so identified with Chloe in the sleeves, ruffles, light materials and handkerchief hems. Then, amidst all of that, the collection also seemed to be a futuristic interpretation of medieval lore. The puff-and-tapered sleeves, the chunky jewellery, the high-necks, the studded quilt details. Even the white blouson, styled with olive pants, lace-up boots and gold accessories, looked as though it could have been worn by a lute-playing prince in an alternate futuristic medieval universe. (It is a bit of an oxymoron to say futuristic and medieval, but you get the picture.)

Herein lies Ramsay-Levi’s wondrous talent, the ability to still look like Chloe while weaving a new narrative of her own and the ability to put up a mixture of pieces that look excellent on the runway, pieces that will work in real life and pieces that toed the line between the two. Give us more Natacha, our eyes are glued to your runway.

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