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Chloé Brings The Easiest, Breeziest of Looks To The Parisian Stage

While the Chloé girl remains every so true, Natacha Ramsay-Levi is exactly the person to take her into the future – with plenty of options for your next summer soiree in tow, of course.

There are many advantages that come with when a fashion house is led by a woman, the most paramount of them all, of course, being that this said woman would know what other women want: undeniably cool clothes that still allow her to meet the demands of her hectic, multi-tasking life.

Natacha Ramsay-Levi at Chloé presented the easiest, breeziest of looks for spring, made strong with sculpted accessories and prints that you just cannot ignore. There were scarf prints, made to look like multiple fabrics wrought together, floral prints that harked back to the sixties and seventies, and even an ombre print made to look like denim when you’re not giving it your full attention. Texture was important, too. Plissé ruffles and dresses of varying lengths, crotchet, trousers and skirts cut from woven tapestry, and stones, sometimes as details on a jacket, other times on a leather harness. Ramsay-Levi had so much for the Chloé clientele seeking options for their next summer soiree.

Ramsay-Levi loves her trousers and this season’s hero silhouette is the fit-and-flare, complete with slits that start at the knee, leaving the fabric below to swing and sway with every step. These are trousers basically made for that quintessential street style money shot, just you wait and see.

On the accessory front, a carved golden “C” is on the horizon, taking centrestage on most if not all of the bags of the season. Given Chloé’s incredible track record for creating some of fashion’s most-wanted bags, this new “C” is destined to be no different.

As the last of the models steps off the runway and Ramsay-Levi peeks out to take her bow, clad in a simple blazer, a white t-shirt and printed trousers, it becomes apparent yet again that she is the perfect person to take Chloé into the next phase. Under her hand, the Chloé girl is still there, but has evolved, matured and given in more to her eclectic and bold side.

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