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What You Need To Know About Coach’s Glitter-Covered Spring Fling

Stuart Vevers is taking Coach towards a girlier, flirtier and glitzier direction for spring and we are HERE FOR IT. In collaboration with Coach.

When you think about Coach under creative director Stuart Vevers, you think prairie girls running among wheat fields and wild flowers, and biker girls trudging through concrete jungles in combat boots and shearling-leather hybrids – which was why we were so surprised when we entered Coach’s show set on Tuesday at New York City’s Pier 36.

Glitter, glitter, glitter. Not only was the entire ground covered in glitter, but so were the faux industrial buildings, lampposts, cars and trashcans that made the centrepiece. (We stupidly ran my fingers across said trashcans and immediately regretted our folly.) This is the tougher, rougher side of New York City, but covered entirely in glitter, a juxtaposition that would repeat itself in the looks that would soon come down the shiny runway.

Rugged biker leather, faded denim, varsity codes and embroidered dresses and skirts of sheer mesh, sequins and satin form the core of Coach’s latest collection, punctuated with glitter and metallic ombre boots and strung together with nuances from the fifties, seventies, nineties and maybe even the twenties. Coach has found its party girl and she wears satin slips of crystals and sequins, leather jackets and disco boots. Can we also talk about those sunglasses?

Coach’s artist of the season is the late Keith Haring, with many of his iconic graffiti cleverly woven into the collection, some subtle, like on a soft pink sequin embroidered skirt, some more obvious, like on a bright red sweater. Haring’s prints are famously bold and working them in ways beyond a print on a t-shirt is no easy feat, but Vevers found a way.

It’s all plenty fun, but badassery is still involved. When the models made their turn around the corners of the runway, a swirl of glitter followed their footsteps as though saying “Y’all can eat my dust”. She’s sweet and a little bit playful, but she knows and has what it takes to survive big, rough, tough New York. See the gallery above for some of our favourite looks from the show while we decide what we should prioritise – slip dresses, burgundy leather or glitter boots? – when the collection hits the stores.

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