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The Cool Girl’s Manual On What To Pack For Summer Vacation

Don't know what to fit into your luggage? From accessories made for mermaids to bags in every shape and size, take a few cues from these girls.

The stereotypical summer outfit often includes one or all of the following items: a sunhat, a breezy t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sandals. There’s nothing wrong with any of these, but it can look a bit repetitive. Instead of getting drowned out by the crowd, why not take some inspiration from the It-girls of the season?

Showing up anywhere in swimwear may be socially acceptable by the beach, but it’s always good to pack for a rainy day (pun intended). Perhaps you’re having brunch inland, or need a bit more than slip-on sandals. But this is where we come in to help you stick with the essentials, and to remind you to always, always accessorise.

Whether you’re headed to a beach in this heat, or simply dressing the part to fulfil your delusion that you’re on an exotic island surrounded by turquoise waves, this is what you should pack, according to your favourite women on Instagram.

#1 Big Bag, Small Bag

Where a summer beach holiday is present, a big tote bag for the four sunscreen bottles and three sun hats you think you would need is absolutely essential. But for days where you won’t need much, a smaller bag would cut it. Pick anything that requires weaving – wicker, beads, shells – and you’re all set.

#2 Swimsuits In Technicolour

We have nothing against black swimsuits, but if you have already set your eyes on some exotic island you’re spending your precious vacation time at,  we say put on your brightest, loudest swimsuit for all the Instagram pictures. It’s summer, live a little!

#3 Slippers, Sandals and Slip-Ons

Summer calls for footwear that lets you shake off the sand easily, so you’ll never have to sit on a bench, shaking your shoes off like a fool. Instead, opt for flat sandals, or slip-ons with a bit of heel, and maybe a strappy heel for those extra fancy nights.

#4 For Chasing The Sun

Speaking of fancy nights, sure you could always show up in a bikini and a cover-up, but sometimes, it calls for a little bit more. Whether it’s a slinky dress or a matchy-matchy set that never fails to wow, the ones below will keep you feeling fly all day and night.

#5 Accessories Fit For A Mermaid

To top it all off, accessorising is an absolute must. Opt for warmer tones for that extra sun-kissed look, and even add in elements inspired by the ocean. Seashells have been dominating this area, alongside pearls and colourful beads.


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