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The Cool Girl-Certified Swimwear Brands You Want To Fill Your Luggage With

Put any one of these babies on, then pick your cliff, seashore or hammock and it is an immediate snap, snap, snap. Fruit and straw hat optional.

What I have come to realise is that even though the beach life is easy and carefree – no matter how temporary and how many emails waiting for you back home – planning and packing for one is not. This, I learned on a trip the Maldives almost exactly a year ago. I thought I had it all worked out, but when it was time for me to hit the waters, the beach houses, the sand, I realised that I was in a wardrobe rut. Why the heck did I bring so many black swimsuits and bikinis? How many denim shorts does one derriere need? Where the heck are my water-friendly cropped tops?

Of course, I could have not cared and just wore whatever. But unfortunately, I am one of those people who needs to at least get three to five pictures from said trip. I mean, how often does one find herself in the Maldives, am I right? Like planning for a trip in a chilly country where you’d like to make the most of the ambience, planning for a beach vacation takes some strategy, your swimwear being the most important component of them all.

Swimwear trends are aplenty, but there are a few brands that are setting them. Spotted on everyone from Tinseltowners to all the cool girls you follow on le Instagram, these swimwear brands – some upcoming, some wildly popular with legions of famous fans – are the ones to invest in, should you feel so incline to. A little tip? Black is great, but try to pick colours that will stand out against the sea and sand. Look for pieces that double as daywear, too, so you get more out of your splurge.



This Instagram bait merges the athleticism of surfers and the lithe gracefulness and femininity of ballerinas – two prime interests of its Polish-born founder Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves. Marysia shot to international fame with its scalloped-edged one-pieces and bikinis, though we think its one-shouldered Venice could knock it off its perch.



Solid colour blocking, stripes and so much more. We chanced upon this brand ourselves a year ago while in London – we were looking for last minute swim gear for a trip to Positano – and haven’t looked back since. The New York-based Solid & Striped is so popular that as part of a campaign, they got a whole slew of 13 models, from Elsa Hosk to Lily Aldridge, to design swimsuits for them.



Coming all the way from Brazil, Haight is simple, minimal, but so darn sexy. What is so great about Haight is that you can throw on a pair of jeans or wide-legged pants over their pieces and no one would know that you’re actually wearing a swimsuit – and that is an idea we like very much.



Everyone needs a minimal, fuss-free swimsuit or bikini in their wardrobe that allows them to do get active in the water without fear of something popping out or straps riding up. Created by Rochelle Sara Gan, her namesake label is borne out of her childhood as a competitive swimmer, so this is a brand that balances practicality with aesthetics. A little booty and boob here and there, but still good enough to take a few laps in.



Who would’ve thunk that knitwear and resort wear would come so nicely together? Meaning “blank slate” in Latin, Tabula Rasa’s speciality is knitwear, so its no surprise that their bikinis are knitted, too. This aren’t your run-of-the-mill crotchet bikinis, though. Like Haight, Tabula Rasa’s vibrant, retro-inspired two pieces can be worn as everyday wear.


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