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A Manual for the Cottagecore Aesthetic That’s Trending So Hard Right Now

Summer might be over but we're keeping our prairie girl dreams very much alive.

Beyond the countless dance challenges born out of Tik Tok, it has also been the birthplace of multiple subcultures. We’ve seen the “E-girl”, “VSCO girl”, “soft girl” types, each distinguished by a signature aesthetic, take over social media. These stereotypes aren’t all that new per say but Tik Tok has given them catchy names that have gone on to trend on social media. For instance, an E-girl is essentially a throwback to the emo girl of the ’90s.

The lastest of such stereotypes to make the rounds is “Cottagecore”. To those unacquainted with the term, picture this. You’re living on a farm tucked away in the quiet English countryside. Your days are spent milking the cows and pruning the bushes. You crochet in your spare time. You’re one with nature, disconnected from the rest of the world. If you’re thinking along the lines of Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of “Little Women”, you’re right on track.

Praire dresses with puffy Victorian sleeves; lots of cotton and linen; dainty floral prints; ballet flats. All in a colour palette of calming neutrals, no less. “Cottagecore” might’ve been a thing before but with months of being cooped up at home, escaping into the vast outdoors is now more appealing than it has ever been.

It’s a new way of life that we crave. And surely, we have to dress the part for it.

The Praire Dresses

Flouncy Skirts

Comfy But Cute Sandals

And To Top It Off, Straw Hats


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