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Could Coach 1941’s Latest Spring Collection Be Its Strongest Yet?

Bohemian sentiments mixed in with a smidgen of the eighties and the nineties, yet not an inch out of the everyday versatility zone, the line-up hits all the right notes. In collaboration with Coach.

Freedom. The desire to be free. It is an abstract and personal concept, but often so succinctly and wonderfully summed up with clothing. At Pier 94 in New York City, with a giant dinosaur skeleton in the middle of it all, Stuart Vevers presented a bevy of younglings with free-spiritedness on their minds and rebellion in their hearts.

The starting point was Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place known for its prehistoric fossil bed and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. The ground at Pier 94 was covered in glittery sand that swirled up into miniature sandstorms as the models trudged and jaunted. How is that for drama?

Bohemian sentiments ran high, but there was an ‘80s touch. Think big, fluffy ruffles that look deliberately seasoned – as if they had been taken on many an adventure, even bigger sleeves not unlike Molly Ringwald’s iconic prom dress from Pretty in Pink, heavy-duty fringe in leather and suede and mega-cool patchwork denim. The mini ruffled numbers are guaranteed to be a favourite among fashion’s street style crowd. Sportswear references also surfaced, particularly in parkas, grungy hoodies, oft worn over tiered skirts, and patchwork leather tracksuits.

The Western trend that everyone is going gaga over these days? Coach 1941 was there way before everyone else. As always, there were plenty of Coach 1941’s signature shearling, heavy leather and chunky boots, along with a smattering of slip dresses, something that is fast becoming a staple for the American label.

Another Coach 1941 signature that made a surprise appearance? Disney. While Vevers has always made his love for Disney known, what with the numerous collaborations over the years, this Spring 2019 collection marked Disney’s first time on the Coach 1941 runway. We spotted The Aristocats, 101 Dalmatians, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland and Pinnochio, but there could be more. The mood was more dark than “happily ever after”, though. That one Bambi print looked like it was cut from the opening sequence of a noir-horror movie.

The accessories, too, were quite the hit. There were full-on ‘90s backpacks, but we had our eyes on the pared down double twist-lock purses and old-school monogrammed purses, the latter sure to fare well among the logomaniacs.

Coach 1941’s latest instalment may just be its most dramatic one yet, but that it is in no way meant to discount its everyday versatility. Isn’t it wonderful when that happens in a collection? There were countless power pieces that crossed genres, personalities and moods, yet it was all so cohesive at the core with so much ease. The only problem? Trying to just stick to a handful of favourites.

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