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In Celebration of Cuffing Season

Whatever you think "cuffing season" means, what we have in mind is just a tiny bit different. Cuffs are still involved, though.

Urban Dictionary defines “cuffing season” as the period during fall and winter, where those accustomed to being single or unspoken for suddenly feel the need to chain – or “cuff” – themselves to a certain someone so they don’t have to spend the long, cold months alone. I mean, you’ve got to find something to do during all that time spent indoors.

Considering that we have neither winter nor cold air of any kind where we are – as much as we try to imagine that we do – we should technically not be hit by cuffing season. We have, however, been hit by a different kind of cuffing season. Allow us to explain.

If you’ve been following the street style scene closely, you’d realise one particular thing that sticks out among the sea of potential trends and outfit ideas: literally no one likes to button the cuffs of their shirts. Whether under blazers, hoodies, another shirt or worn alone, everyone just sort of likes to let the cuffs hang and sway in the wind. It is as though the cuffs are saying, “A shirt? Bleah, too stiff. Let’s make it look more effortless by not taking the effort to button the cuffs. How do you like them cuffs?”

Or, perhaps it really just boils down to the fact that buttoning cuffs is kind of a pain. WHY WON’T THAT LAST BUTTON GO IN? MY WRIST IS AT ITS MAXIMUM TWISTING CAPACITY ALREADY. Plus, unbuttoning creates the illusion of bell sleeves, which – in the words of Derek Zoolander – is so hot right now.

We’ve been hit well and good by the unbuttoned cuff bug, and while it means the risk of floppy cuffs dipping themselves into everything from soups to tea, we ain’t stopping anytime yet. Time equals money, buttoning cuffs takes up time and as such, buttoning cuffs…takes up…money? #fashionlogic #notactuallogic

Tell us – are you a cuffer or a non-cuffer? Scroll through the gallery above to see how the unbuttoned cuff is taking over the world, one less button at a time, and all the shirts to spend all those unbuttoned cuff days with. We don’t want to tell you how to wear your clothes, but the unbuttoned cuff is kind of like the burgundy eye – do it once, no turning back.

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