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The Designer Musical Chairs So Far – Part I

A crash course on who's gone, who's been hired and who's still left hanging.

If you find yourself wondering exactly how many designers were involved in the recent round of designer musical chairs – both rumoured and confirmed – honey, you’re not alone. It seems like fashion’s facing some sort of an upheaval and the never-ending designer musical chairs is the gooey, unstable epicentre. Calvin Klein announced last month that it said farewell to not one but two of its creative directors – Francisco Costa from womenswear and Italo Zucchelli from menswear. Talk about double whammy. Better buy up Costa’s silky slips while you still can.

Then, there’s Hedi Slimane, who exited Saint Laurent in late March and was quickly succeeded by Versus Versace’s Anthony Vaccarello. On the Italian front, Salvatore Ferragamo and Ermenegildo Zegna bid adieu to Massimiliano Giornetti and Stefano Pilati respectively. To top all of that off, rumours of Phoebe Philo leaving Celine have been swirling for months now even though official statements claim otherwise. Also, did we mention that Karl Lagerfeld may be retiring from Chanel?

Too much? We feel you.

To get you up to speed, we’ve condensed the juiciest bits of the designer musical chairs from the last year into the slideshow above. It’s time for – cue the big game show voice – The Designer Musical Chairs So Far: A Crash Course on Who’s Left Their Jobs, Who’s Been Hired and Who’s Still Floating In The Abyss! We even threw in some rumours on the side, so you get to be that person who says “I told you so!” if and when the news becomes official.

Arguably, the chair that has garnered the most interest is Dior’s. The brand has lost two prominent creative directors in the last five years, with Raf Simons lasting only three and the in-house team taking over in the interim. Though Dior has held on to its essence in spite of the changes, it’ll still be nice to have someone take proper care of it for a good, long time. Give the house a parent, would ya’? Simons has been speculated to head Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein himself dropped some pretty cryptic hints recently). If that’s true, we think it’ll be an exciting reboot for the American label, what with Simons’ menswear and minimalist streak and his experience with couture at Dior.

What do you think of it all? Do you care who’s seated at the top?

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