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Dior Wants Us All To Walk On The Wild Side For Cruise 2018

Because according to Dior, the wild side is g'dang kickass but still 100% classy. You try picking just one favourite moment, because we definitely can't.

Every once in a while, you watch a runway show that leaves your jaw unhinged and your arms covered in goosebumps. It doesn’t have to be about avant-garde clothes, otherworldly runway makeup or a star-studded line-up. It’s none of that. Sometimes, all you need is a clever show location and just simply, really great clothes. No gimmicks, no distractions. Today, Dior’s Cruise 2018 was that show.

For her first-ever cruise instalment at Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri took us all into the outskirts of Los Angeles, away from the city’s glitzier side. A car ride and a jaunt on a jeep later, we found ourselves in the golden fields of Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in Calabasas. The sun had already begun its descent into the mountains, painting the perfect golden backdrop for the main event. Dior had erected colossal hot air balloons that read “Dior Sauvage” to add to the mood, but if you ask us, they didn’t really need it. The looks to come were more than sufficient to send the show factor skyrocketing through the makeshift roofs that hung above our heads.

A well-planned show counts on the opening look to set the tone of the collection, and for the Dior, the theme was as clear as day from the get-go. The Dior girl is a wild free-spirit with her feet in the sand and braids in the wind, but she’s still hella classy. Chiuri’s reference point was Monsieur Dior’s Lascaux collection of 1951, which was in turn inspired by prehistoric cave paintings found in Southwestern France. There were duster jackets and ponchos, raw tapestry dresses, plaid, fringe and crotchet, and embroidered everything, from denim to leather. The looks were roughish, but ironically polished and yes, painfully chic. If this is what walking on the wild side means, then sign us up.

Chiuri’s now surely signature silhouette – a corseted bodice that fans into an A-line skirt – punctuated throughout, moulded from a melange of fabrications and etched with details that require more than a single look to take it all in. There was also a subtle (perhaps subconscious) nod to Monsieur Dior’s iconic “Bar” look in the hats, belted coats and full midi skirts, a combination almost guaranteed to appear in the street style scene sooner rather than later.

All fancy talk aside, let’s talk real business. Those hats, boots and embellished bags? Put us down for those pronto, because we predict they’ll be flying off the shelves faster than you can say “gone with the wind”. (Incidentally, some scenes from Gone With The Wind were indeed shot in this very part of Calabasas. See, you learn something new every day.)

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