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Diving Deeper Into The Fashion World As A First-Timer

You could say fashion month's over, but nothing stops after a fashion show. It's more of the start than the end.

If you’ve caught the first edition to this two-part, eye-opening fashion week experience, you’ll now understand what it’s like being a guest at a fashion show. But, that was written based off my first week, and now that fashion week – or rather, month – is thoroughly over, this is where I dig a little deeper into this world and feed you some newfound insider knowledge.

What is the true purpose of a fashion show, you may ask? It’s really not just an exhibition. Think of the shows like the centre of a mind map, branching out and leading to different categories. It is the start of it all. For example, marketing collaterals can be generated from the runway looks, and photos of front row guests can generate publicity. Be it on magazines or as press releases, runway shows are always the talking point.

These shows are all very exclusive, so seating is extremely limited, especially when you’re trying to fit the world’s press and photographers into a single venue. If you do end up on the fourth row or a standing ticket where not much can be seen, there are always re-sees or presentations where you get to see and touch the pieces up close. This is also where buyers for each region will come together to pick a selection for their local stores.

Then, come the samples, where select key pieces are loaned out to press and media for photoshoots. This is what you’ll see on your magazine spreads, in turn influencing your perception of what’s hot or not. Now, that we’ve reached the end point – which is you – the mind map is complete. Before you know it, six months whizzes by and you’re watching next season’s latest trends walk down the runway again. Time after time, this cycle never breaks, and that is what is fascinating to me. This big, giant machine with countless gears, constantly turning.

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