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Don’t Listen to Them – Fashion Faux Pas Are a Myth

It's official – the fashion police are out of jobs.

We all know them. The Miranda Priestly-types of the real world. Working in the fashion industry, we’ve have encountered more of them throughout my stint as a writer than I would’ve liked. If you’re lost on these Priestly types that we speak of, they are the self-professed fashion police of the world – least Priestly as an editor-in-chief was in some professional capacity a woman for the job. They are the friends, acquaintances, or colleagues who eye you from head-to-toe when you enter a room and pass their judgement (that no one asked for) on an outfit.

For an industry fundamentally built on the freedom of expression, fashion sure does have its many faux pas. Never mix gold and silver jewellery. Don’t ever be caught dead in a pair of Crocs – it’s the fashion equivalent of committing social suicide. Leggings aren’t pants. Brown and black don’t go together. You don’t want to upset the fashion Gods!

We’ve heard them all. But who makes these rules, anyway?

Like its fleeting fixation with trends, we’ve seen fashion’s polarising takes on faux pas have oscillated from nay to yay. Your dad’s nerdy sandal and sock combination is a street style signature. The Kardashian and Jenner clan have taken biker shorts way beyond the treadmill. Sweatpants are no longer just for the couch. You could even get away with g-string peeking out of low rise trousers. Who would’ve thought?

Considering the cultural zeitgeist, fashion do’s and don’ts are archaic and hardly bear any currency. Living in the midst of a global pandemic has proved sobering in many ways, even our approach to clothing. Simply put, it’s really not that serious. Rather than being sticklers for rules, dressing up should be approached from a place of unbridled freedom. Channel your inner Michèle Lamy – one of fashion’s few surviving eccentrics – we’re sure she’s in there somewhere.

To quote Iris Apfel: “The worst fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself.” And perhaps, that’s the only rule you should concern yourself with.

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