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8 Lessons In Layering According To Ellery

Oh, you had me at "satin" and "patent". We pick 8 layering lessons to learn from the cult-favourite Aussie label's Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

If you want to master an uncharted manner of layering, it helps to look at what they’re doing Down Under. Equally familiar with the sun and sea as they are with the biting cold, the Aussies have a way of layering that is anything but stuffy. There is a certain fluidity and movement – and it still keeps the cold out where necessary.

Just take a look at cult-favourite Ellery. While the Aussie-based label has upped the ante since its move to Paris for show season, Ellery’s essential “Elleryness” remains. A cascading ruffle here, a fluted sleeve and bell-bottom hem there, plenty of straps swinging in the wind. It is a band of thoroughly likeable pieces, put together in a very street style-approved way. There’s a reason why Ellery is a regular on the street style circuit.

For Spring/Summer 2017, Ellery presents a palette of reds, orange, khaki, white and plenty of black. Pretty sombre considering the season, but hey – we’re on board. Also, is it just us or is the collection kind of festive in a not-your-mama’s-Christmas sort of way? Just look at all that shine and sparkle. Girl, you had me at “satin” and “patent“.

So, if you’re looking to one-up your layering game this chilly season, why not take styling cues from Ellery? We definitely are. For instance, why don’t you…

Pair a high-neck satin blouse with the season’s high-shine patent pants? (shop similar here, here and here)

Layer a buttoned-up cropped jacket over a longer white shirt, with the sleeves and collar peeking out? (shop similar here)

Wear that sparkly mini dress – that forgotten one that only gets to see the light of day in December – over a pair of cropped bell-bottom pants? (shop similar here and here)

Or, even better, wear the cropped bell-bottom pants under a midi dress or coat for that fit-and-flare silhouette? (we like this, this and this)

Pile on a tailored blazer over one of them zip-up sweaters? (shop similar here and here)

Let the two tail ends of your neck scarf peek out and trail along behind you? Just, you know, make sure it doesn’t get caught in anything. (shop similar here, here and here)

Throw your favourite silky cold-shoulder slip over a sleeveless high-neck blouse? (we like this, this and this)

Then, pop on a pair of flared cropped trousers (we like these, these and these) to turn the look from sweet to boyish?


Photos: YOYOKULALA.com

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