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From Newsboys to Bonnets: Hats Are Fall’s Surprising Champion Accessory

They're lifesavers in more ways than one. Start building your arsenal with these toppers that'll turn a look from nah to uh-hurrrrr.

Ever had one of those days where something is just missing from your outfit? Perhaps, all it needed was a cherry on top to finish off the cake, but the wardrobe equivalent. By that, we don’t mean last year’s now-raggedy beanie that you’ve worn with way too many outfits.

There are obvious reasons why hats are the ultimate MVP, one of them being the fact that they can camouflage our bad hair days – A TRUE LIFESAVER – and when the winds pick up as fall rolls around, hats keep those strands from flying all over your face, getting stuck in your lipstick, eyes and what have you. They’ll warm your head when necessary, too. Again, LIFESAVERS. On all accounts.

Berets are the no-fail classics, but for some odd reason, we’re seeing hardly a beret in sight among the new arrivals. Instead, it seems like the newsboy cap is coming back in all sorts of ways, whether knitted crotchet at Prada, covered in thick faux fur at Miu Miu or classics in suede or wool by Isabel Marant or Maison Michel.

Is it just us or are bonnet-style hats making their rounds? Loewe takes the cake – or bread, if we’re being cheeky – with its full-out leather bonnets printed with loafs of bread, but those are currently in short supply. Instead, turn to felt hats with a string of pearls and straw hats with ribbons instead. How very Madeleine. We love our bread, we love our butter and we definitely love our head toppers. Build your arsenal with the edit below. We recommend starting with the basics: a straw hat, a newsboy cap, a baseball cap and a wide-brimmed flattop.

Rag & Bone Edie Studded Leather-Trimmed Wool Fedora

Balenciaga Logo-Embroidered Cap

Maison Michel Kiki Faux Pearl-Embellished Rabbit-Blend Felt Hat

Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Faux-Fur Hat

 Eugenia Kim Cashmere-Felt Cap

Gucci Wide-Brim Trilby Hat

Gucci Decorative Bow Felt Hat

Gucci Wide-Brim Straw Hat

Isabel Marant Evie Wool-Blend Felt Cap

Maison Michel Wool-Blend Cap

Maison Michel Suede Cap

Prada Patchwork Wool-Blend Cap

Filu Hats Venezia Paper-Straw Hats

Altuzarra Faux Pearl Embellished Velvet Headband

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