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Every Vintage Shop We Think You Should Visit In Paris

Vintage shopping in Tokyo is fun, but it'll never beat the OG city. It's like walking through a museum, just that you're allowed to buy the pieces.

Somewhere on the 18th Arrondissement of Paris, lies an area called, Porte de Clingnancourt, where one might find themselves surrounded by vendors selling cheaply-made T-shirts, printed with logos of luxury brands, going at a staggering price of five euros.

But dig a little deeper, for you’ll find yourself some buried treasure, located in the many alleys, scattered around the area. If you’re looking to bag a vintage trunk at a reasonable price, this is where you must go. We stumbled upon one along the busier streets, which goes by the name of Red Rose Antiques. Inside, we found ourselves surrounded by the widest collection of trunks, ranging from Goyard, Louis Vuitton to Moynat. And all of these were super old. We’re talking from the 1920s, and they were still in tip-top condition.

We then moved on to explore the other alleys, where we found unbranded antiques at affordable prices. Our favourite one is the Paul Bert Serpette Market, filled with antique stores selling trunks, clothes and knick-knacks that were so hard to resist. Plus, lots of them resemble the furniture in Coco Chanel’s house, just in case you’d like to channel some Chanel in your own abode.

Enough about furniture, we know you’re really here for the clothes. In that same market, go to Au Grenie de Lucie at Alley 1, Booth 28, where you’ll find yourself drowning in vintage Chanel costume jewellery. Rows and ROWS of it, along with Schiaparelli and Lacroix. But if clothes are what you seek, clothes are what you shall find at Les Merveilles de Babellou, just a stone’s throw away.

If you can’t find the time to travel all the way to the 18th Arrondissement, over on the 6th lies a quaint little shop called Les Trois Marches de Catherine B, displaying jewellery, bags, scarves and everything in-between. Or if you happen to be sightseeing at Palais Royal, there’s Gabrielle Geppert for all the vintage Hermès bags, or Didier Ludot for the unique variety of luxury pieces.

Be warned, the shopkeepers here are not friendly (especially at the fashion stores), so don’t take it personally! After all, it’s Paris. Have fun finding your own, buried treasure.

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