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The 90s Are Back – And Corduroy’s Here Along With It

Actually, scratch that – the season's corduroy is all over the place. Not that we mind.

It’s interesting the things you realise when you’re researching for a story. For instance, did you ever notice the “cord” in “corduroy” and that it refers to the vertical ridges on the fabric? Or that corduroy really is just a ribbed form of velvet, which is why they both feel so furry to the touch? Simple things that you’ve probably never thought of before but become so obvious once you realise they’re there.

It seems like the coming fall will be marked yet by another stand-out texture. Last year it was velvet and this year it is corduroy. Sort of like velvet, but more rogue. When you think about corduroy, you think about it in that foolproof fall shade of yellow brown and burnt orange, probably on a pair of bell-bottom trousers a la the ones your parents used to wear in the seventies. Prada’s current collection – which we saw, died and then came back to life again in Milan earlier in the year – was the main driving force behind this whole thing we’re doing here, and it was influenced by the seventies.

But, as we are largely nineties kids, we associate corduroy with that era, and the countless corduroy dungarees and caps we wore alongside mother’s corduroy bermudas. Marc Jacobs’ fall collection, too, was heavy on corduroy, though with a distinct nineties street twist. Celine’s pink corduroy pants from pre-fall, flared and worn with flat shoes, were quite nineties as well. But, then again, one can argue that corduroy was an eighties thing, backed by this top-to-toe corduroy Gucci suit.

It seems corduroy was here, there, everywhere – and it’s back again. Whether you like or not, or think it’s better left in eras past, it’s happening. We love Prada’s corduroy skirt suit (skirt suits are back, if you haven’t noticed) but if you want something for the everyday, we think A.W.A.K.E’s highwaist corduroy pants goes well even with just a t-shirt. Shop our favourite corduroys of the season below.

Prada Leather-Trimmed Corduroy Blazer

Prada Leather-Trimmed Corduroy Skirt

Prada Corduroy Cap

Prada Scoop-Neck Ruched Corduroy Dress

Saint Laurent Corduroy Blazer

Miu Miu Mid-Rise Flared-Leg Corduroy Trousers

Marc Jacobs Faux Shearling Corduroy Jacket

Marc Jacobs Corduroy Wide-Leg Pants

A.W.A.K.E. High-Rise Wide-Leg Corduroy Trousers

Alexa Chung Double-Breasted Cotton-Corduroy Pinafore Dress

Gucci Single-Breasted Floral-Print Corduroy Jacket

Gucci Floral-Print Corduroy Skirt

Gucci Princetown Shearling-Lined Corduroy Loafers

Gucci Floral Print Wide-Leg Corduroy Cropped Trousers

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