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Forget Jeans For A Minute And Wear Vinyl Pants Instead

If your wish list for fall already includes a pair spray-on pants, vinyl might be a more practical option for you despite how it looks.

When we heard that vinyl pants were taking the streets by storm – strongly supported by Anthony Vaccarello at the new Saint Laurent and Nicholas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton –we did a small fist clench and whispered a small “Heck yes!” to ourselves. To ourselves, because we were in public, but heck yes, because we get to look like we’re from The Matrix. Why wouldn’t you want to look like Neo, Trinity & Co.?

With the temperatures dipping, some places more than others, now is the perfect time to set aside the denims and embrace the vinyl. Well, we’re also including patent into the mix, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s generalise and call them “lacquer pants”. Not only are they exactly are they statements in themselves despite the clean silhouette, they are surprisingly handy when it is cold out and you want to cut down the layers. No wind can get through those shiny pants!

The thought of putting on a pair of vinyl pants is as exhausting as putting on a pair itself. Believe us, we’ve been there. Skinny and straight cuts are extremely flattering, especially when you pair them with boots, but if you’re not up for spending a minute squeezing into them, we have options! Say, these puffy ones from Wanda Nylon or these cropped flare ones from Ellery. Easy breezy. (Not literally, of course. These will block the wind.)

If you’re seeking for even more comfort and you’re in a spending kind of mood, try patent. It still has that lacquered appearance, but since it’s leather, it’ll ultimately be more comfortable than plasticky vinyl. That said, why stop at pants? Cover yourself in gloss if it’s going to keep you warm whilst looking fly. Lacquered shirts, coats, boots that’ll replace the pants – you name it.




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