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The Trends We Are Leaving Behind in 2019

In the spirit of Marie Kondo, the new year calls for a recalibration of your wardrobe's existing inventory. We get you started with a comprehensive list of what to toss out going into 2020.

Fashion is as fickle as that commitment phobic ex-boyfriend of yours. As the seasons come and go, so do the industry’s fleeting trends. To quote the lyrical genius of Katy Perry, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in, then you’re out. Every year, there are specific pieces that everyone (and their grandmothers) seem to have adopted into their dress codes. Even if you weren’t keeping tabs on the runway, chances are, these trends would not have escaped you. We’re talking tie dye’s unexpected come back, the resurgence of the ’80s puffy shoulder and the not so practical but oh-so Instagrammable fuzzy sandals – just to name a few.

In the spirit of Marie Kondo-ing, as we move into the new decade, some things are better left behind in the past – at least until it circles back into fashion again. New year, new you, we say it’s due time for farewells!

 Bike Shorts Go Back to the Gym

The work of the sweeping athleisure trend and the Kardashians, bike shorts have been taken from the gym to the streets. The famous sisters have been photographed in endless outfit permutations built around these shorts. Paired with an oversized hoodie, an oversized belted blazer or a baggy t-shirt, the Kardashians have made a case for bike shorts on every occasion. They’ve had a good run but the time to keep them indoors at the gym has come.

Leaving Dad Sneakers to Dads 

Chunky sneakers, also dubbed as “ugly” dad trainers, have been everywhere and we mean, everywhere.  From Louis Vuitton to Fila, these shoes have carried extra weight in the footwear arena. You might have either loved it or hated it but if your sentiments leaned towards the latter, rejoice! 2020 is all about shaving the weight off chunky sneakers!

Teeny, Tiny Purses Have Served Their Purpose

It has been a case of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids in the handbag department. Can we ever forget that smaller-than-micro Jacquemus bag which broke the internet? Despite being more decorum than functional, micro bags have been items of obsession – if not for anything, they are great for the ‘gram. Now that designers have gone as tiny as a carryall can possibly go, the time is ripe for exploration. The ‘gram, too, begs for variety.

It’s Time for Bucket Hats to Kick the Bucket

In 2019, fashion had a major ’90s moment and that meant a resurgence of dad sneakers, fanny packs and bucket hats. Moving into the new decade, we’re taking a step away from the ’90s throwbacks. Along with dad sneakers, we are leaving bucket hats in the pages of fashion history. We’d perhaps consider pulling it out on the next summer vacation.

Hang up the Cowboy Boots

Western boots worn with short hemlines was the unofficial summer uniform last year. And just like the light-hearted appeal of the season, the shoes came awash in an array of animal prints from cow to zebra. Later in the year, cowboy boots made their strides amongst the street style set. Having had their moment in the limelight, it is high time for the prominent footwear style to giddy up back to the stables.

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