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Fashion Week Awards: Shoes on the Street

Don't lie, you've never said no to pretty shoes. We feel the same, so we took to the streets of fashion week and suss out the most eye-catching of the lot.

As fashion people, we’re most excited when fashion week rolls around. All that magic on the runway gives us ample fodder to talk about when we’re sipping champagne at otherwise awkward parties. Did you see Gucci’s latest show? Chanel’s take off into make-believe space? Yas, gurl.

While the runways have always been exciting, just one step outside onto the streets will reveal all that eye candy for as far as the eye can see. Yes, all those clothes are very pretty, but did you see the shoes? We hereby crown awards for some of our favourite footwear.

“Secretly Meant For The Bedroom” Award

You know we LOVE any and every reason to take loungewear out into the streets. These embroidered Gucci slippers above – actually part of a two-in-one platform from Spring/Summer 2017 – look so comfy, we’ll bet you won’t even feel like you’ve got anything on. (Shop similar here)


“Most Likely To Make Harry Potter‘s Dudley Dursley Cry” Award

It’s alive! It’s alive! These boots can’t speak parseltongue, but they sure are surprisingly versatile. I mean, if they can go with an orange patent trench coat like the one on the very stylish New Yorker above, it can go with anything. (Shop similar here)


“Most Likely To Stop Traffic” Award

Because light reflecting on metallics and all that. All that talk about wearing coloured clothing when you’re out exercising or speed walking in the dark? Forget about coloured clothing – METALLICS. (Shop similar here)


“If Santa’s Elves Were into Fashion” Award

What? They could be. And if they were, you know they’d say yes to these red tube boots with almost candy-cane like heels. (Shop similar here)


“Shoes or Weapon of Mass Destruction” Award

Added height, fresher air, a platform thick enough to knock someone out if you really tried. These monster Marc Jacob platforms are perfect proof that we all go a little mad sometimes for the sake of fashion. (Shop similar here)


“LOL No, This Was Totally Unplanned” Award

Socks! They get to be part of the look, too! Matching your shoes to your outfit is clearly not enough – matching your feet covers (i.e. socks) need to be part of the deal as well. Don’t know how? We’ve got a little guide here. Also, may we propose patent socks? Socks built into your shoes, perhaps? (Shop similar here)


Photos: Phil Oh, Nabile Quenum

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