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A Look Back at Our Favourite Street Style Moments

The only trip we'll be making this season is one down memory lane.

The difference a year can make. This time last year we were onto Milan for the second leg of fashion month but it feels like an eternity ago when fashion week took place in front of a live audience. Or when people were allowed to gather in large, socially undistanced groups, for that matter.

Since the world turned upside down, travel has come to a halt and events have all been postponed indefinitely. Unfortunately, fashion month too has suffered. In lieu of live showings, some designers have gone digital, others have announced their departure from the fashion week calendar altogether, and the ones who have stuck to live presentations have kept the numbers small.

With travel entirely out of the question, watching the shows on our mobile devices will have to suffice. It hardly compares to the real deal but we’re making do. Naturally, being halfway across the world this season has brought on all the feels. Ah, the nostalgia. As we look forward to the day we reunite with our favourite street style photographers and fellow fashion friends, indulge us as we look back at our favourite street style moments from the recent fashion week showings.

The Burberry scarf moment, off-the-shoulder red dress, check on check on set suit combination…where do we even start? Come on a walk down memory lane with us and tell us what are your favourite moments in the comments section below!

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