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Faux Fur Coats on Sale Right Now to Take You Through Next Winter

The way to looking like a million bucks without actually shelling out a million.

To quote the late Karl Lagerfeld, you cannot fake chic but you can be chic in fake fur. Up until recently, his perspective on faux fur would have fallen under the umbrella of Lagerfeld’s unpopular opinion – you bet the great designer had his fair share. In the past, faux fur was largely viewed as a sad imposter. The chunky, plasticky fibres under the Sun gleamed of poor quality. Unless you were plotting your social suicide, you’d stay the furthest from any hint of fake…well, anything.

Today, it’s a whole other world we live in. The tables have flipped. Designers would rather stay clear of PETA. And we’d suggest you practice caution than be crucified by social justice warriors for donning real fur. Faux alternatives are celebrated and encouraged. When well-made, you can hardly tell the fake apart from the real deal anyway. Soft to the touch and warm on the inside, faux fur has come a long way in replicating its original predecessor.

We’re also not complaining because faux fur comes at a fraction of the cost. Particularly, in the outerwear arena, fur coats cost an arm, leg and possibly a kidney we can’t afford to lose. But here’s a shopping hack that will spare your limbs and then some: the best time to sweep the faux fur coat of your desire is when the Winter sales roll around. When on discount, you could score pieces marked down up to half its original price. Say whaaaat?

Now is the time to stock up on your Winter staples if you haven’t and we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best faux fur coat deals so you won’t have to.

Alexa Chung cow-print faux fur coat

Stine Goya Happy double-breasted faux fur coat

Alice + Olivia Kylie hooded zebra-printed faux fur coat

Helmut Lang faux fur coat

Stand Studio Fanny leopard print faux fur coat

La Seine & Moi Love faux fur coat

Common Leisure Love short shearling jacket

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