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Our Favourite Looks From Gucci’s Ouverture of Something That Never Ended

Meet the forever wardrobe of our dreams.

Digital fashion shows officially became a thing earlier this year when Miss Rona embarked on her global rampage. As we watched couture week from our computer screens, we had our minds made up. Virtual presentations just didn’t cut it. But ask us again, Five months on, we’re seeing things in a different light.

It’s an unfair comparison to make – weighing physical runway presentations against digital alternatives. The two are fundamentally different experiences. As much as we long, hope, and are keeping our fingers crossed for fashion month to reinstate itself, we’ve grown to appreciate the artistry that goes into the many fashion films that we’ve seen in this time.

The most elaborate idea of the lot, we saw pan out over the course of an entire week. Coined GucciFest, the digital fashion and film festival spearheaded by Alessandro Michele served as a platform for independent young designers to showcase their collections. The lineup also featured Gucci’s seven-part miniseries that introduced the maison’s latest collection –  Ouverture of Something that Never Ended

A cinematic masterpiece only fitting for the collection’s pieces. Since taking over the reins at Gucci, rather than design for the seasons, Michele has created a timeless universe. In the seven-part miniseries, pieces from his debut way back in 2015 make a reappearance. If you thought the red floral dresses to be familiar – you have indeed seen them before. It was proof of timelessness and deliverance of the message of sustainability. Rather than peddle trends, it’s a lifestyle he’s selling – one where street style and luxury come together so seamlessly and gender is naunced.

For instance, a jersey top is worn with a tailored skirt and heels. The tracksuit is rendered in a luxe fabric. And embellished top worn with denim shorts and sneakers. The extensive collection of 97 looks would also fit into the wardrobe of a woman just as it would a man. Just look at Harry Styles. Scroll through the gallery for plenty of outfit inspo – it’s how we’ll be dressing throughout the year. What about you?

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