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Fendi Gives A New Way Of Looking At The Romantic, Powerful Woman

Complete with embroidery reminiscent of vintage silk handkerchiefs, an homage to the 80s and plenty to feed our wildest logomania fantasies.

Those who thought logomania was a passing trend, coming and going as quickly as the wind, are deeply mistaken. The copious amounts of Fendi’s double F logo throughout the collection, and then cleverly played into yet another widely-recognised logo starting with “F” – that of sportswear brand Fila – is enough proof.

Fendi described the collection to be a “romantic uniform for a strong and powerful woman of today”, but dispense all thoughts of a woman in skirt suit. Oversized blazers, shiny trench coats and billowing capes filled the runway, contrasted by the soft and almost ethereal-like music filled the atrium. Grey plaids and camel browns made up for most of the collection, alongside hints of red, sky blue and navy blue. The idea of a uniform, the armour for the modern woman and her trials, came through strong, tailored, power blazers and 80s shoulder pads, but also with the softness of dresses of pleats, silky sheens and slowly sleeves. Take the romantic vibe of the ivory satin dress worn by Bella Hadid, with delicate embroidered flowers that resemble vintage silk handkerchiefs, tied together with a cursive “F” in the center.

Not forgetting about the millennials, Fendi collaborated with Hey Reilly, an artist with a knack for combining pop culture references and luxury labels into witty and sometimes comical collages, to weave the season’s Fila collaboration. On sweaters and totes, the amalgamation of the two “Fs” is a statement, yet simultaneously subtle. There is no doubt that orders for these have already been made by Fendi’s clientele.

As Fendi continues to prove that heritage is not antonymous with youth, it is always fun to see how the house classics are updated. Peekaboos now come in a soft, suede finish and double “F” logo lining. The logo earrings introduced two seasons ago return with added hoops. The new Mon Tresor further reinvented with a large round – you guessed it – logo and in shiny patent monogram, officially making this our favourite Mon Tresor yet. For seasons now, Fendi has been killing it at the shoe front. First sock boots, then sexy, red over-the-boots and now, modernised, minimalistic cowboy boots in pastel, plaid and print, destined to make its rounds on the street style circuit sooner rather than later.

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