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Fendi’s Flagship Boutique At Ngee Ann City Has A Brand New Look…

...and they made a super exclusive Singapore-only Peekaboo bag to mark the occasion. Of course, we had to get first dibs. In collaboration with Fendi.

When a regional flagship boutique gets a highly-anticipated facelift, it’s a pretty big deal, and when something’s that of a big deal, you have to mark it with something special. A token for the fashion history books, if you will. Fendi’s flagship boutique at Ngee Ann City officially drops the drapes on its new look this evening – we’ll be there, so don’t be a stranger if you see us! – and to celebrate the occasion, they’re also dropping a limited edition, Singapore-only version of their iconic Peekaboo. We obviously had to get first dibs and let us be the first to tell you that it’s just too cute, y’all.

Covered entirely in velvet that feels so soft to the touch, the special Peekaboo features an intricate floral-meets-geometry design created with Fendi’s signature whipstitch and tapestry weaving techniques. It’s not just one piece of velvet with a bunch of dyed colours on it. Rather, the tapestry combines thousands of stitches and threads that are manually cut by Fendi’s artisans before being woven into what you see right here. It’s a fun bag, but there’s a lot of thought in it as well.

We don’t know if the floral pattern was intentional or not, but a special floral bag for the Garden City? Sounds pretty fitting to us. Another plus point we love about the limited edition Peekaboo is its double design. Something more subtle and “daytime” on one side, something bolder and “nighttime” on the other. Velvet adds a bit of that romantic, youthful character, too.

There are only five of these around, so you’ll have to shuffle to Fendi tout de suite if you want one. But if you do miss out on it, be prepared to have that frown turned upside down because Fendi at Ngee Ann City is also the first in the region to launch two other special velvet Peekaboos. Not as hush-hush as this blue one, but still as gorgeous and still pretty exclusive at three to five pieces per city. The limited edition Mini Peekaboo collection is available from today at Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road. For all of you heading down for the opening, see you there!

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