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Fendi Proves That It Is Still Very Young At Heart

Killer shoes, killer print and a brand new logo. Also, you hear that? That's the sound of our money going into the cash register.

Fendi is feeling youthful of late and it is a look that is working so well for them. Where the last two season slanted toward the cute with ruffles, waves, pigtails and lingerie-inspired bloomers, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini’s latest foray is decidedly street. Roman numerals that indicate 1925 – the year Fendi was founded – were etched and embellished onto stretch knit waistbands and shoulders. Boots stretched past the knee in all manner of red, velvet and lurex. Sheer dresses were worn over bodysuits that cut high on thigh. It was sexy, but it also had attitude. Bella Hadid’s look in a black blazer, white shirt and those gosh darn sick red thigh boots (very “morning after”, which was the theme of the show) summed the mood up best.

The collection also saw the introduction of a new, cleaner Fendi logo on the hoop earrings and rings and clasps of bags, but there’s nothing quite like the original. The iconic double interlocking Fendi logo, used as a print on coats, belts and bags, looked so chic and unexpectedly subtle despite the repetition. Now that takes skill. Also, place your bets: how many times do you think we’ll see those oversized circle sunglasses next season at fashion week? Sign us up for those, please.

Yet another thing to add to our want list? The heeled platform sandals that come with their own socks, fitted and molded into the shoe. Fendi introduced the sock boot at the last Haute Fourrure show, and then a more pared down iteration at Spring/Summer 2017. This season’s is more of a playful trick of the eye. Wait, the socks are part of the boots, you say? Why yes, yes they are. Between the two kinds of Fendi sock boots, we can’t decide which one we like more.

Almost a century old, but Fendi still proves that age is really just a number and youth boils down to what you make it.

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