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Drop Everything Because These Boots Are Coming

Meet the part-sporty, part-18th Century sock boots that are going to be all over the Milan Fashion Week street style scene.

Once upon a time here at Team KULALA, we were obsessed with the sock boot. Still are actually. These shoe-sock hybrids are self-explanatory: they’re socks with heels attached to them, so there’s no need for for actual shoes. Breezy and comfortable, the answer to all with athlete’s foot. Well, comfortable-ish depending on the heel height and width. We first saw them at Vetements, then suede and knit variations at Chanel and Yeezy.

Almost a full year on, the sock boot continues to reign with Fendi claiming the title of “Sock Boot of the Season”. Will you just look at the beauties that walked the Spring/Summer 2017 runway? Feet candy those things are.

The sock boots first made their debut at Fendi’s Haute Fourrure in Rome, but because they’re so darn good and good things need to be shared, they then trickled down to ready-to-wear. There were embroidered pastel ones that look like what Marie Antoinette would have worn if she were a millennial, and boldly striped ones that give a whole new meaning to luxe athleisure. These boots are 50 percent retro sporty (think Richie Tenenbaum), 50 percent 18th Century and 100 percent sick. The good kind.

They’re not here yet, but they are coming. Oh, they are coming. If you want to be among the first in line, you can sign up to be notified the moment these land at MATCHESFASHION, for example, or you could do it the old-fashioned way at the stores. Given how many colours these come in, the old-fashioned way may just be better. Or, you know, you could just add every colour to cart. No judgement.

Red and navy striped sock boots (shop it here), floral embroidered striped-heel boots (shop it here), Navy and white striped sock boots (shop it here)

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