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Exclusive: Fendi’s Furry Fendirumi Have Arrived in Singapore!

We met these two cuties first in Milan and now, they're finally here. See what happened during our little soiree at the sky-scraping Ce La Vi.

Cute doesn’t work for everyone, but for Fendi, it has worked like a charm so far. We first met the criminally cute Fendirumi at Fendi’s Milan headquarters back in February. As the lights dimmed and everyone at Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2016 show readied themselves for the unveiling of the collection, the doors burst open – and in walked the giant, fluffy Piro-chan and Bug-kun instead. We laughed, cheered and squealed as the furry critters tottered down the runway to their front row seats. Why so cute?

Inspired by Fendi’s widely popular Bag Bugs and QuTweet charms, the Fendirumi are Fendi’s take on kigurumi, the culture of donning a stuffed costume. The pink Piro-chan is – quite literally – the wide-eyed, more precious and comical half of the duo, while the blue Bug-kun is calmer, cool and collected. He’s the gentleman, she’s the lady.

Obviously, it was impossible for that level of cute to stay in Milan. Cute has to be shared, people! The furry jet setters have been touring the world since February, making stops at New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and, as of yesterday, Singapore.

They had already seen all the sights, so when the time finally came for Team Kulala to host the Fendirumi, we decided to take them for an evening out and a tête-à-tête at Ce La Vi, one of the best spots for an unobstructed view of the Singapore skyline. Needless to say, there was dancing and several glasses of Singapore Slings involved as we watched the sun go down on the island. Can we just say that the sight of Piro-chan and Bug-kun gazing at the sunset is the cutest thing we’ve seen all week? Even the burly guys in the crew couldn’t help going “awww”.

The Fendirumi will make their first official appearance locally on 23 November 2016 at the reopening of Fendi’s new Marina Bay Sands store, and will continue to make store visits from 24 to 27 November. Grab your cameras and let’s see who can get the most kawaii #Fendirumi shot of them all.

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