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The Three Personalities That Take Over During Holiday Gift Shopping

When it comes to shopping for jewellery, which one are you? In collaboration with APM Monaco.

Christmas gift shopping is one giant problem sum that presents itself year after year. It is also one giant maze, because you’ll have to navigate a labyrinth of stores and crowd to find the ultimate gifts that will crown you the year’s gift goddess among your family and compadres. It is around this time in the year where we assume our battle armour – cushioned shoes that will withstand all the walking, a list of all your giftees and for the truly prepared, a giant bag where all the gifts go into, because a dislocated shoulder from carrying all those paper bags will not look chic with your party dress.

Depending on the situation, different personas take over as well. Whether you’re shopping well in advance or racing against the clock on Christmas Eve, one of these shopping personalities seem to almost always take over: the classic go-getter, the game-for-anything and the shine magnet. Which one are you? Because jewellery makes the kind of gift that is personal, heartfelt and bound to earn the awwws, we worked with our friends at APM Monaco to create an edit of pieces from their plethora of collections that will solve your gifting woes based on the kind of shopper you are – or even the jewellery personality of your giftee!



She’s the one who goes for the foolproof classics, but not without a twist. Simple studs that are different on each lobe, delicate bracelets that feather across the wrist, a single earring that shines on both front and back. She’s all for pieces that you can wear anywhere and for a long, long time. She’s a crowd pleaser, this one. Shop the Eclat and Lucioles collections here and here.



She’s the risk-taker, the quirky, the eclectic. If she’s your Secret Santa, you can be sure that it’s a surprise waiting for you behind the wrapper. Dinosaur earrings and chokers, rings of safety pins and crescent earrings – these are pieces that serve the unexpected. Shop the Wonderland collection here.



She’s the magpie, the one keeping her eye out for anything that sparkles, the one who lives for the festive season and all its necessary shine. With her, expect gifts that will put that festive feeling right into your weary soul. Shop the Mysterieuse collection here.


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