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7 Golden Rules To Getting Dressed For This Glorious Summer

Whether you're by crystal waters or amid the heatwaves of a concrete jungle, these keep the cool without sacrificing the chic.

There’s nothing like summer in the city, someone in a rush next to someone looking pretty, both of whom are you. We are not at all sorry about opening this with a less-than-subtle reference to Hamilton, because firstly, we’re obsessed, and secondly, it is surprisingly appropriate. There truly is nothing like summer in the city, that is to say that it is hot as heck. The kind of hot where you see heat waves rising out of the concrete as your simmer by the sidewalk.

But the human psyche is odd. Very odd, indeed. While temperatures soar, it is also at this time of the year where we find ourselves flittering – or dreaming of flittering – away to the golden sands and crystal waters of places like the Maldives, Bali, Krabi or some other island paradise of your dreams, which also happen to be just as hot. But, of course, the views you will see makes everything approximately a hundred times better, give or take.

Whether you’re surrounded by concrete or sand, nothing makes the heat feel better, both figuratively and literally, then to dress the part. It will do you good, it will do your psyche good. Hot heads, stay far, far away. To make the most out of the hot weather season, to make sure your Instagram looks super fly in the sun and to help you look like you’ve got it all under control, not a pit stain in sight, here are seven golden rules to go by this summer, as told by all your favorite women on Instagram.


#1 Thou Shalt Wear A Swimsuit That Isn’t Black

Before you raise your torches and pitch forks at us, know that we have absolutely nothing against black swimwear. Absolutely nothing. But, given the rare occasion that you find yourself in some island paradise, we would be damned if we did not help you make the most out of that seaside or poolside shot. The best way to do it? A coloured swimsuit or two-piece, whether minimal or decorated, against the crisp blue waters.



#2 Thou Shalt Go Matchy Matchy

There must be some science as to why coordinated sets that have both top and bottom in the same print, fabric or colour fit so well into the summer, we just have not figured it out yet. Not only do they make an eye-catching look, they are an easy solution to dressing on a lazy vacay day and let’s be honest – every vacay day is a lazy one.



#3 Thou Shalt Do The Split

Or slits, whatever your ma calls it. A little showing of the skin is always welcomed in the summer, but instead of focusing on shorts and mini skirts, think about a longer skirt with a high slit. When in materials like linen, satin, ribbed knits or checked cotton, they look quite sexy, but still very sophisticated. Breeze for the legs! Breeze for the legs!


#4 Thou Shalt Have The Puffiest of The Sleeves

The puffiest of them all! Puffy sleeves for spring are quite officially the new florals and judging from all the cool girls we stalk on Instagram, the puffier the better. If it can fit a bread roll or two, you’re on the right track. While off-the-shoulder options are always right for the season, consider a wide square neck that shows off the collarbone.


#5 Thou Shalt Wear Both Sneakers and Strappy Sandals, But No Boots

Oh, for the love of ventilated feet! We find it just as hard to comply with this rule, but every time we step on in this thick middle-of-the-year heat in leather boots – and socks under it, no less – we regret in thirty minutes. Get your feet ready for hot weather season, then strap on some open-toes. Don’t ditch the dad sneakers, though. Whether it is a summer errand day or you are sightseeing in a city, you will need them on days where there is a lot of speed walking to be made.



#6 Thou Shalt Wear The Pants, Just Not Jeans

Again, for the love of the breeze that just wants to get to your legs! Jeans are essential to life itself, but when it is hot enough to possibly fry an egg on the sidewalk, they are the last thing you want to wear. You can still wear pants, though! Consider the very wide-leg varieties in breathable materials like light cotton and linen. If you have a matching cropped top to go with it, even better.


#7 Thou Shalt Accessorise, Even When It Does Not Make Sense

We mean that you may want to take those beautiful earrings you bought to go with that summer dress, and that medallion necklace that every cool girl on Instagram cannot get enough of, into the water. A seaside look is still a look and it deserves to be accessorised. Just make sure that it isn’t the sort that will lose its colour when it touches water, that they’re screwed on tight, that you’re not going for an intense swim – wading and soaking only – and that you don’t wear tiny ones that might disappear without you noticing. Definitely do not make like Kim Kardashian and wear diamonds studs into the water. Just…don’t.



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