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At Gucci, Four Rooms Are Better Than One #Gucci4Rooms

See moments from my recent visit to Tokyo for Gucci's latest exhibition "Gucci 4 Rooms".

No rest for the wicked! Barely back from Paris, I hopped onto yet another plane and headed for Tokyo to witness the launch of Gucci’s latest exhibition “Gucci 4 Rooms” in Ginza. If you know your stuff, Gucci has a rather impressive track record when it comes to collaborations with contemporary artists. There are last year’s “No Longer/Not Yet” and the #GucciGram series, for example. Like their runway collections, the conventional stuff is just not what Gucci does.

The “Gucci 4 Rooms” is actually pretty darn cool. It started out first as a virtual exhibition (you can explore more here) where you can explore the different rooms online. There are the #GucciHerbarium, #GucciWords and #GucciGarden rooms, all created by three Japanese artists – Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe and Mr. respectively – and inspired by Gucci’s new signatures and motifs under Alessandro Michele. To unlock the “secret” room by Trouble Andrew – Gucci’s collaborator of the moment and the man behind the “GucciGhost” print series – you will have to collect goodies from the other three rooms. If only it were a full-fledged game. (Now, there’s a marketing idea. Any takers?)

On Tuesday at Gucci’s Ginza boutique, virtual become reality as the rooms went from reel to real. The all-red #GucciHerbarium room, the anime-inspired #GucciGarden room, the trippy #GucciWords and #GucciGhost rooms – it felt like I was going through some twisted, high fashion version of Wonderland. I even got to meet Trouble Andrew, who was very gracious despite being very tired and having to catch a flight in a couple of hours. You can tell that he is really passionate about what he does. (Andrew also created a separate installation for Gucci’s space at Dover Street Market Ginza.)

Despite being in Tokyo for a mere two days, the experience is not one I’d likely forget for a while. How do you forget a room drenched in bright red? I even have polaroids to remember it by, each splattered with “GucciGhost” motifs. One is up on my InstaStories, the others are going up on my refrigerator’s door.

The “Gucci 4 Rooms” exhibitions runs from now until 27 November at Gucci Ginza and Trouble Andrew’s installation at Dover Street Market Ginza until 24 October. Both are open to the public. For more information, click here.


Created by YOYOKULALA.com in partnership with Gucci.

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