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Every Look We Love From Gucci’s Epic Cruise 2018 Show in Florence

It's a quick hop to the ‘70s, and then to ‘80s, before a long trip way back to the Renaissance era. Ready to get on the time machine? In collaboration with Gucci.

If you’re ever in need of a non-medicinal cure for sore eyes, may we recommend a turn about the Gucci carousel? A dance of wolves, dragons, insects, snakes and flora woven into embellishments as far as the eye can see – your peepers will only end up craving for more. In the latest leg of our makeshift world tour, we travelled with Gucci to the hallowed grounds and halls of Florence, once the seat of the legendary Medicis, to witness the big reveal of the brand’s Cruise 2018 collection.

Creative director Alessandro Michele has long held a fascination with the Medicis, so the choice of Florence was really a matter of time. The show location was Palazzo Pitti, a gloriously majestic Renaissance-era Florentine palace filled with gilded gold ceilings and scores upon scores of paintings accumulated over generations. As if all that wasn’t a treat in itself, we also got to walk through a near-empty Uffizi Gallery, home to some of Italy’s most treasured Renaissance artworks, and the exclusive Vasari Corridor. Even the chairs we sat on were sort of luxe. No gold frames, but they each had lines from Lorenzo de’ Medici’s “A Song For Bacchus” embroidered into the fabric. Talk about detail.

We could go on about the show space for a little bit longer, but that’s not why we were in Florence. What of the clothes, you ask? What of the clothes?! Michele had rock ‘n’ roll on his mind, but this is his Gucci we’re talking about – sticking to one genre is not his thing. Think Florentine royalty, mixed in with grunge plaid, studded leather, slinky knits and worn-to-death denim. The dresses, some covered in bows, others with capes and exaggerated shoulders, were wedged somewhere between the ‘70s, ‘80s and the Renaissance, a combination that only Michele can manage.

Amid the jacquard, glittering knits, sequins and intricate beading, Gucci also dished generous, unapologetic servings of logomania, from the heavily monogrammed double G suits, skirts, coats and socks to t-shirts that read “Guccification”, “Guccify” and “Guccy”. Yes, the misspelling is intentional, almost like Gucci parodying itself. (Michele told WWD that he considers the logo to be Gucci’s “biggest decoration” and that it “makes everything powerful”. Know you know why he loves it so much.) Whether with an “I” or a “Y”, power symbol or just so good to look at, one thing is for sure – this season’s logomania duds will be flying off the shelves faster than you can say “Catherine de’ Medici”.

Underneath the shine and sparkle, there’s something decidedly “everyday” about this particular cruise collection. The t-shirts and denim are self-explanatory, but the oversized cardigans, accordion skirts, vacation-ready dresses, sweatpants and even the print-on-print suits on both the girls and boys as well. A look is never just one look at Gucci – you get one, you get a week’s worth of looks. Perhaps even more.

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