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Every Single Insta-Worthy Detail From Gucci’s Latest Collection

Rhinestone masks, painted AC/DC t-shirts and a vest heavier than a baby – we did all the snooping here in Milan for you.

We’re starting to think that the deep red interiors of Gucci’s showroom in the newly minted Gucci Hub was much more than a preferred colour choice. With each piece from the Fall/Winter 2017 being more theatrical than the last, hung up in full, unobstructed display for the visually hungry, the scarlet showroom looked more like a stage, and the looks – all 120 of them – were the performers.

Like we’ve said before, one is never starved for details at Gucci. Every piece has its own intricate narrative. So, to make the experience more bite-sized – just in case you’ve only got a minute to spare – we’ve rounded up the most note-worthy details from the collection so you can get to the juicy bits straightaway. We’ve also taken the liberty of making some predictions about the collection, for the sole reason that we can say “HAH, told you so” when they come to pass.

Most Likely To Be Worn By Dakota Johnson:

The actress of Fifty Shades fame loves her Gucci and Gucci loves Dakota. We think she’ll look quite pretty in that dusty mint green gown with an explosion of flowers at the hem.

Most Likely To Be Worn By Jared Leto:

We also loves Gucci and vice versa. Before you ask – no, we didn’t note his reactions at the show, so we’re going out on the limb here. Leto’s a man who can carry off anything, but we’re going to vote on that simple and very comfy looking “Chiroptera” moth sweater.

Most Likely To Become A Collectible:

All of Gucci’s pieces are sort of collectibles, but if we had to choose one, we think it’s between the walking canes with the cat and monkey heads and the umbrellas.

Most Likely To Be Snapped Up By Bag Addicts:

The trio of bags, a tribute to old Gucci and new Gucci. It is three bags in one, each with its own personality. Talk about an investment!

Most Likely To Be Spotted At Fashion Week:

The boots embellished with flowers, studs and crystals. Need we say more?

More Likely To Be Instagrammed:

Like the faux vintage Gucci t-shirt from Cruise 2017, we’re betting on the painted AC/DC t-shirt with a holographic “Gucci” on the back.

Most Likely To Cost An Arm & A Leg:

The top-to-toe embellished gown with a red peony (?) at the waist. Just think about all the man hours and the materials involved and you’ll understand why.

Most Likely To Be Used As A Weapon

That one leather vest covered in studs. That thing is heavy. We’re guessing at least three kilograms.


Photos: YOYOKULALA.com

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