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A Synopsis of Gucci’s Whimsical Seven-Part Miniseries

Going from a 12-hour livestream to a seven-part miniseries, Alessandro Michele one-ups himself with the presentation of his latest collection – Ouverture of Something that Never Ended.

Alessandro Michele is not so much a designer who just makes clothes. Since taking the reins at Gucci five years ago, he has pressed reset on the Italian maison’s visual vocabulary and built an entire universe around it. From the get-go, Michele has approached fashion as an intersection of art, culture, and history. The result: a surrealistic world of whimsy and technicolour synonymous to Gucci.

We’ve seen it all unfold season after season at Gucci’s runway presentations. But as we settle into the new norm – fashion month is a thing of the past – virtual presentations have suceeded physical outings. In July, Michele presented his first remote collection, Epilogue. Far from just another live stream, it was an extensive 12-hour program that eventually led to the unveiling of Gucci’s 76-piece Resort 2021 collection. If it was anything to go by, we can safely conclude that Michele’s maximalist tendencies were due to extend to the experience of his digital presentations.

Surely enough, Michele one-upped himself with GucciFest, a digital fashion and film festival spearheaded by Michele as a platform for independent young designers. A highlight amongst the lineup was Michele’s seven-part miniseries to introduce the brand’s latest collection – Ouverture of Something That Never Ended. Co-directed by American filmmaker Gus Van Sant, the series follows the miniseries’ star Silvia Calderoni as she traverses through the city of Rome. Not without its fair share of Michele’s muses, of course. In episode 3, Harry Styles shares timely, pandemic-appropriate advice on creating art. Billie Eilish debuts her new single. Florence Welch thrives in her element inside a vintage store.

As he did on the runways, Michele weaved the key themes of gender neutrality and blended the past with the present seamlessly throughout the episodes. The clothes, juxtaposed against the culturally rich Italian capital, lends a unique perspective to the collection. It’s experiencing Gucci like you never have before.

The miniseries might’ve just concluded two days ago but we’ve already gone back to revisit our favourite moments. Leave in the comments below what are some of yours!


In the first episode, we’re introduced to the star of the series, gender fluid artist and performer Calderoni. Inquisitions into gender being a cornerstone of both Michele and Calderoni’s works in their respective fields, the pair’s collaboration on the miniseries was fitting. An embodiment of everything Michele stands for, we couldn’t have imagined a better fit for the protagonist than Calderoni.


Throughout the episodes, we saw the coming together of diverse groups of people. Each character so distinct in personality yet perfectly in harmony with one another. Talk about an ideal world.


The much-awaited Harry Styles cameo. Not that he needed to do much else than breathe to have us enamoured but we took away more than a pretty sight for memory. In an exchange over the phone, Styles offered, “When it comes to making art it’s about finding the thing you’ve always wanted to see that has never been made. It’s always an uncomfortable moment, I think, when you find the thing. You don’t know if you love it or hate it because you don’t really know what it is yet. But I think that’s the most exciting place to work in.” Sage wisdom deeply resonant with the creative minds of the world, don’t you think?


Michele’s take on fashion is never just about the clothes. Here, we see the multi facets of his work intersect at the theatre. Interestingly, the looks you’d see in the scene find themselves amongst least theatrical of Michele’s work.


When you’re Billie Eilish, you can buy yourself robot pets. Life-sized versions at that.


If we had to pick a favourite episode, this would be it. We wholeheartedly relate to Silvia’s love of vintage stores. The smile that spread across her face when she tried on a pair glasses – we saw a reflection of ourselves in Silvia. And not forgetting Welch who waltzes through the store like an absolute goddess.


The series concludes with a rather hauntingly beautiful finale. Silvia walks through a door onto a stage and as the camera pans out, the lights dim. All of life’s a stage.

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