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Gucci Takes A Stand On Politics, But Makes It Fashion

Being pro-choice looks better than ever, including everything from a sequinned uterus to "my body, my choice" blazers. In collaboration with Gucci.

We live in a time where politics or cultural issues collide with everything, and the fashion world is not to be spared. So, for Gucci Cruise 2020, the show unfolded into a myriad of references to the recent anti-abortion laws passed in America, taking a stand for the freedom and equality of women.

The house sat audiences down at the Capitolini Museum, a place that has sparked countless sources of inspiration for Alessandro Michele, and considered the first museum ever to be built. Inside, the looks came out the dimly-lit runway, illuminated only by the torchlights placed on every guests’ seat.

Filled with togas, capes and robes, the collection drew inspiration from Ancient Rome, mixed in with the eclectic prints and colours that Michele has long taken a shine to. Looks that belonged in the 1970s peppered the runway with wide-legged corduroy trousers paired with slogan tees, and brightly coloured leggings paired with A-line dresses. Mickey Mouse made another appearance, sewn onto the pockets of shirts, or knitted into a sweater.

As brightly coloured as ever, the looks came with jewellery referencing Greek gods and goddesses, guitar cases replaced bags, and white winged-shape sunglasses with yellow tinted lenses. The clash of ancient and modern came together in harmony, bound together by Gucci motifs and bold prints.

But slowly but surely, the show took on stronger, more upfront stance. Dresses were adorned with sequinned uterus, blazers were emblazoned with “my body, my choice”, and the numbers “22.5.78” – the date abortion was made legal in Italy – were plastered from shoulder to shoulder.

Gucci had many messages, but the strongest, most important one was loud and clear. With the influence that fashion has on culture, Michele has chosen not to sit down and stay silent, and you can bet that his message went beyond the boundaries of the Capitolini Museum.

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