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Guess Who Just Joined The Net Set’s Style Council?

Shop along with me without ever having to change out of your PJs!

So, as you may already have heard from my Instagram – I am officially a member of The Net Set’s Style Council!

Last month, I flew to good o’l London Town to shoot with the Net Set team alongside fellow style council members, the beautiful Elizabeth Jane Bishop, Poppy Okotcha and Quentin Jones. You guys already know how much of a shirt-and-pants person I am and how much I love the colour red, so it’s no surprise that I went straight for the Alexander McQueen pants and printed Gucci shirt for the shoot. Can’t quit, won’t quit. I had so much fun playing dress-up and I am so honoured to be a part of the Style Council.

For those of you who don’t know, The Net Set is a social media shopping app created by Net-a-Porter. It’s got lots of features, but what it essentially does is that it encourages you to join various “style tribes” where you can find like-minded shoppers who are talking about and sharing items and looks that you may also like. Almost everything on it is shoppable. I suppose you can think of it as Facebook-meets-Instagram-meets-online shopping.

I’m leading the “Fashion Week Insider” tribe, where you can see the items lurking in my shopping cart (and add them to your cart if you like), how I’ve styled my newest acquisitions and inspirational photos by my fellow style council members that I like. If you like the whole street style situation, then you’re on my team. See you on the other side!


Photos: Amy Gwatkin

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