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A Guide To Refusing To Dress Like It’s Winter

Coats? What are they?

I don’t do coats. Coats and I just don’t gel well together. In my recent trip to Milan and Paris, the closest I came to a coat was a Moschino trench, and even that was unlined. Coats are also a such a pain to pack. How then does one survive the winds, rains and hails of late winter in Europe without bundling up tight, burrito-style?

1. Thermal Wear
Very durh, but very important. They’re not the most fancy of underclothes, but since you’ll be layering over them, it’s fine. Uniqlo works – the scoop-necked ones are perfect for button-down shirts – but if you find another brand that works better, go for it. Most thermal leggings are thin enough to be worn under jeans. Swap them for a pair of flare pants and you get to double-up on the leggings. It’s a win-win.


2. Heat Packs
This one’s obvious enough. The key is where to stick them. I find the most helpful spots to be under the clavicle, under the shoulder blades and on the small of the back, just over the backbone. Yes, I’m aware that it’s an ugly arrangement, but you’re going to cover them anyway, so you’re fine. Daiso has plenty of heat packs, but I like this particular one from a Chinese brand I randomly found online. It stays warm THE WHOLE DAY. Seriously, this stuff works.


3. Don’t Drink Cold Beverages (If You Can Help It)
Even at parties. Be that annoying person who asks for hot water with a side of lemon while the rest drink champagne.


4. Turtlenecks
They’re great for layering – especially with the whole slip-over-turtleneck thing going on – and they keep your neck toasty. I always pack three colours with me for easy styling – grey, black and off-white.


5. Suede, Leather and PVC Yourself
Think beyond the conventional coats and jackets. How about some leather overalls? Suede culottes? PVC boots? Guaranteed to make your feet sweat, no socks needed.


4. Consider The Cape
By cape, I mean the fairy tale variety with a bow at the neck, hood optional. They’re basically the socially acceptable version of a blanket. And eurgh, so comfy!


Photo: Søren Jepsen via Vogue Italia

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