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A Foolproof Guide To Surviving In High Heels, From Choosing To Walking

No pain, no gain. Still, there are ways to wear those kickass heels you splurged on and end the night without mangled feet. Here's how we do it.

Women and shoes – a relationship that dates back all the way to the time of Marie Antoinette and her excessive ways. Perhaps even before. Heels were first invented for men as a means to lock in their shoes into riding stirrups as early as the 10th Century – you learn something new every day! – but they’ve since evolved into tools that women the world over employ when they need a little lift, a little polish and a little sass in their walk, and on certain occasions, when they need a little solace for their retail therapy-starved souls.

You don’t realise the number of shoes you have until you realise all the shelves are filled and you’re starting to stack them on top of one another. You then start to pull them out, one by one, and come to the not-so-shocking conclusion that you really only wear those few pairs and probably should rethink your next shoe splurge.

Oh, why aren’t I wearing the others, you ask yourself. Oh right, because the ridiculous heels they came with left you with toe cramps, overstretched arches and popped blisters. Memories.

Heels, especially the very high ones, look great. There’s no denying that – and the lift they give to your derriere, ooh – and the power they give to the wearer. But they also hurt and they’re bad news for your feet, your leg muscles and your bones.

Still, most of us would rather keep a poker face and power through the pain when the situation calls for it. Look, you don’t have to ditch the heels forever, but there are tips that you can keep at the back of your hand to make sure your heels get more wear. With party season and thus long nights in heels approaching, we’re going to need all the help we can get.



First up, you’ve got to choose the right shoe. The slope of the heel needs to be gradual in order for your foot to curve naturally. Avoid those that bend in a sharp angle, and look for something like, say, these Jimmy Choo pumps. Speaking of which, always check how your shoe bends. If it’s not where your foot naturally bends, it will cause your foot to shift forward and create a space where friction will creep in and destroy your day. Your normal heel size should be half a size smaller than your flats.


Heel placement is surprisingly important, too. Those that start all the way at the back don’t provide as much support as one that’s situated in the centre of your heel. Basically, you want the heel under your heel. Sacrificing the look of a non-elevated platform for a bit of platform might help too since it reduces the arch of the heel.


Um, what? Ultimately, our biggest life hack would be to tape your third and fourth toes together. IT WORKS. We tried it, and we didn’t feel the need to sit down in intervals of five minutes. If you need to stretch your shoes because they’re a tad bit too snug on your foot, put on a few layers of socks and walk around in your heels. Breaking them in is essential. This is why sock boots are so great – they come already broken in.


If all else fails and you really don’t want to take those shoes off, just deal with it. No, really. It’s like what Ada Kokosar told us, “Just think how the heels make you feel instead of how painful they are.” That, or go short. There ain’t no shame in a low heel!

Now, off you go – run and be free in those heels. Also, don’t underestimate the power of taping your toes. Maybe it’s time to fish that neglected pair out and let it see the light of day.

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