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Double Coating Makes So Much Sense – Here Are Six Ways To Do It

Think one coat isn't going to keep you toasty? Wear two! We show you all the ways to pair your coats whilst still keeping that street cool.

When you’ve spent a majority of your life living somewhere where 23ºC is considered chilly, the real, winter cold can be quite troubling. Without saying too much, the crew is headed to a very, very cold place next week – we’re talking possibly sub-zero – and I just can’t stop worrying about how cold it’s going to be. How many layers is sufficient? Will this coat or that coat keep icicles from forming on me? Am I destined to take the Michelin Man route?

Then, a couple of days ago, as if by providence, Le Boss randomly pulled out the look she wore on the final day of Paris Fashion Week – the one yore looking at above – and presented the ultimate solution: double coating. The answer was right under my nose the whole time. If you play your cards right, the look goes beyond the need to stay warm. It’ll look intentional. Not unlike the double-layered coats of Celine’s Spring 2018. If Philo says it’s cool, it’s cool.

The PVC coat and trench coat option makes sense travel and weather wise, but it isn’t the only way to double-coat. Below, we show you exactly six ways to go about this pro layering method, including one that allows you to cheat just a teeny, tiny bit. Throw in some thermals, heat pads, a sweater and toasty socks – cold’s got nothing on you. (Let’s hope it will have nothing on me, either.)


#1: Long Coat + See-Through Coat

The most anything-proof combination of the lot. The PVC won’t let any cold wind in, so you’ll be properly toasty. It’ll fend off any incoming rain or snowfall, keeping you and your inner coat dry as a bone. Plus, the whole see-through situation will crown you the coolest kid on the street, not a doubt in our minds. Consider this Calvin Klein 205W39NYC double-layered PVC and plaid wool coat and this Burberry PU trench coat.

Max Mara Double-Breasted Camel Coat (shop it here) | Miu Miu PVC Grosgrain Trim Coat (shop it here)


#2: Regular Coat + Shiny Coat

The practical aspect of this pairing is similar to the first, except with three times more shine and drama. This combination against the snow? Damn.

Tibi Oversized Cotton Canvas Trench Coat (shop it here) | Attico Vinyl Belted Trench Coat (shop it here)


#3: Trench Coat + Trench Coat

We love the PVC combination, but this one takes the cake for both aesthetic and comfort. (PVC can get a little stiff.) The trick to doing this is taking one side of both coats, one collar over the other, and belting it over the other side, one collar over the other. Two coats become one.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Double-Breasted Checked Wool Trench Coat (shop it here) | Burberry Brighton Cotton Garbadine Trench Coat (shop it here)


#4: Regular Coat + Texture

When your outfit is minimal, a textured coat makes all the difference. If you’re feeling experimental, wear the textured coat under the regular coat so it’ll look as though the regular coat is a shearling. Just make sure the coat on top is spacious enough to avoid Michelin Man arms.

Saks Potts Shearling Coat (shop it here) | Theory Wool Coat (shop it here)


#5: Short Coats (or Jackets) + Blazer

Long coats keep you warm, but they also get stuck in places. If you don’t like the bulkiness of long coats, or it is still warm enough to wear short coats, consider the leather jacket over the blazer. It’s a work-appro look, too.

Vetements Pinstriped Wool Blazer (shop it here) | Acne Studios Leather Biker Jacket (shop it here)


#6: CHEAT!!!

Where the second coat is built into the first. Thank the fashion gods for Balenciaga. And Calvin Klein.

Balenciaga Convertible Cotton-Twill, Plaid Wool-Blend Felt and Pleated Crepe Coat (shop it here)


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