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7 Fool-Proof Ways To Dress Down A Suit

Take the suit out of the boardroom and onto the streets with these super easy styling options, one for every day of the week.

The suit still lives on! Even as the preference for hoodies, deconstructed denim and sweatpants continue, there are some wardrobe classics that never go away. The white shirt, the trench coat and, as we’ve proven time and again with our list of KULALA Icons, the matching suit.

Like any other wardrobe classic, the suit is an undeniable investment. You can take a page out of Diane Keaton’s book and take the boardroom menswear route with a tie. Or, you could take the Bianca Jagger route and go commando under that suit. You can dress it up, dress it down, split it into two separates. Styling options are infinite.

With fashion on the runway and the streets now walking the fine line between traditional definitions of polished and street wear, ways to dress down the suit are manifold. Next time you feel that your suit is too hoity-toity, consider the following:

Ditch the regular heels for monster platform boots? May we recommend these?

If going all Bianca Jagger is a little too chilly for you, try a lace, netted or sheer shirt underneath.

Who said shirts under suits have to be tucked it? Swap that with an untucked and longer-than-usual shirt. This, this and this will work.

Try unconventional cuts and colours, say cropped lengths and culottes, or colours outside black, grey and navy. Pink is having such a moment right now, FYI.

T-shirts and sneakers where a pressed shirt and more “formal” shoes should be. The effect is instant, like Cup-A-Soup!

Even better, try your snuggly hoodies under a suit. Is it casual? Is it formal? IT IS BOTH.

The material is just as relevant as the cut or colour in dressing down a suit. Silk or velvet suits with sashes instead of belts nail this just right. The more it looks like PJs, the better.

In the mood to shop? Scroll to the end of the gallery to shop six super swanky suits that we’ve got our eye on, then tell us how you like your suit in the comments below.

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