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How To Keep In Theme This Christmas Without Looking Like An Ornament

The only thing worst than being called boring on Christmas is being labelled tacky. So, leave the disco sequin dress at home, we’re having a festive closet overhaul.

The Christmas period always brings out the worst in wardrobe dilemmas. With an influx of social activities and gatherings to mingle at, the desire to look your best is unnaturally high. Christmas time brings about our loudest and most dramatic selves. From over the top disco sequinned dresses to crushed velvet ensembles right out of a goth cathedral, Christmas party outfits are extra AF. Sometimes, a little too much.

And, if you’re guilty of being over the top during the holidays, we don’t blame you. It’s funny how lacklustre our once go-to little black dress feels when placed beside bolder outfits. What was once timeless has now been denoted to basic and boring. We get it – being labelled as cut and dry during the festive season can be depressing. But, to be labelled tacky? Now that’s way worse.

If you find yourself struggling for inspiration, we might have some tips that could help. Less is always more, and in this case, the less you look like a walking Christmas tree, the better. Picking a bold outfit is not your free pass into looking good so leave the gift wrapper dress at home and turn up your layering game. On top of that, pay extra close attention to the colours and accessories of your outfit as well. Take Yoyo’s cherry red Chanel jacket for example. She styled it over an all-white shirt and pant combo, and yet it looks undeniably festive. You’ll be surprised at how much simple layering and a solid colour palette can do for you.

The key to a not-so-basic ensemble (that isn’t tacky) is to pick your patterns and sequins wisely. The aim is to look less like a disco ball, and more like you’re heading for a good girl’s night out on the town. Monochromatic sequins on a jumpsuit and subtle patterns on dresses will always provide you with that extra oomph without pushing you over the edge.

Next order of business – accessories! Instead of loud dresses and two-piece sets, show your love for Christmas with big earrings and statement clutches. They’re smaller and safer to experiment with, and they also pack a punch when styled right. Fair warning, always remember to keep the drama to a single item in your ensemble. So, if you’re looking at wearing that cute metallic earrings out, you’ve got to keep the rest of your look simple. This applies when it comes to picking a colour palette out too. Remember, not more than three if you don’t want to look like a tree!

Now that we’ve imparted our knowledge on how to avoid looking like a gift wrapper on Christmas, you can kiss good bye to tacky old outfits and trade them up for one of the snazzier ones below. We promise you they’re anything but basic, and they won’t leave you looking crazy either!



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