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Summer’s Not Over: How To Style The Dior Split

While in Seoul, we did a little experimenting with Dior's next It sunglasses, simply known as the Split.

Okay, it’s confession time – I have a serious love affair with sunglasses, so much so that people have called me obsessed. (You know who you are.) At the beginning, my collection was small enough to stay within my dressing table. These days, I have sunglasses everywhere, from my kitchen and my coffee table to the cup holders in my car. It doesn’t even have to belong to a specific genre. Classic, quirky, girly, laboratory – if I like it, I’m probably buying it.

Now, Dior has a track record of churning out crazy covetable, futuristic-ish sunglasses. The It girls love them, we love them. There’s the Dior So Real and Dior Technologic which everyone I know went nuts over when they were released. Then there’s the ultra-shiny Diorama and the Rihanna, possibly the most futuristic and covetable to date because, well, Rihanna.

The Dior Split is slightly different, though – it’s kind of a bit of everything. The aviator shape says vintage, the mirror lens and thin arms say futuristic, and the colour-blocking – inspired by the bold stripes in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection – says quirky. And if you go for the pink, it’s an extra dose of girly. When something is that versatile, styling becomes so easy.

Because it is still summer – we took the photos above in Seoul and it was so sunny – I paired my silver/blue Dior Split with a pair of trusty white sneakers and what we like to call the “non-sundress” sundress. Easy peasy. More of a print kind of girl? No problem – I paired the sunglasses with gingham on gingham on sequins on leopard. For further proof that the Dior Split goes with just about everything (including tracksuits), flip through the gallery above. How would you style the Dior Split?

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