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The Cool Girl Approved Blazer, So Many Ways To Wear It

If you don't have that quintessential blazer of oversized, boxy proportions, do you really have a blazer at all?

Among the big news that hit the fashion industry last week – Hedi Slimane going into Celine trumping them all, for obvious reasons – Net-a-Porter made headlines with the launch of what is probably their biggest collaboration ever: an exclusive more-than-capsule collection with Balenciaga. It brought back new iterations of repeatedly sold-out pieces across Demna Gvasalia’s collections and of course, ignited a frenzy.

Things started to sell out left right and centre, but the one that really got our attention? That one hourglass, notorious, boxy-as-heck hourglass blazer. We didn’t even get the chance to put it into our “Picks of The Week” bar. That blazer has been around since Gvasalia’s entry at Balenciaga almost exactly two years ago and yet its popularity stills stands. You still see it – or things like it – on the streets. Bella Hadid wore a boxy, perfectly oversized Heron Preston blazer just last week outside the couture shows.

So, it got us thinking: is the boxy, oversized blazer the greatest one of them all? There’s no questioning their versatility. Their innate vintage-ness almost guarantees their classic status. The boxiness and oversize quality promises layering opportunities, and that borrowed-from-the-boys look is the final, sexy cherry on top of this spectacular metaphorical cake.

Nothing beats the classic, streamlined black, but if we’re talking It-girl cool i.e. the only cool that matters if we’re being honest, then yes – it looks like the boxy, oversized blazer wins. Here, we walk you through the steps to blazer nirvana, with Balenciaga blazers or otherwise.



The base piece. Checks are popular, but fit is the true key: it has to be boxy and oversized. Like a cocoon. Like a taco and you’re the filling. Like a shell and you’re the pearl. You get the picture. Think menswear blazers from the 80s and 90s. If the blazer itself isn’t an oversized cut, go as many sizes up as you deem fit. Or just dig through your dad or granddad’s closet for one. (Balenciaga’s checked one is no longer available, but you can still it in solid black here.)



The favoured way to do it among the street style regulars is with jeans. That covetable vintage straight cut. Or, you can take the oversized, menswear factor even further with loose trousers, shirts and/or hoodies, or flip it on its head by going feminine with a slip dress, a barely there mini skirt, a corset or almost nothing at all underneath, save for things like tights and tulle turtlenecks.



Bella Hadid wore her Heron Preston blazer with tights, tube socks and chunky trainers, all very well-placed. If the blazer is long enough to pass as a mini dress, wear it with over-the-knee boots. We find that the best way to approach accessorising the oversized blazer is to embrace its 80s and 90s heritage: blindingly large earrings, dad caps, fanny packs and glasses with beaded straps. Go big or go home, amirite?


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